Show Name: Fully Loaded
Year: 2009
Gender: Gelding
Color: Varnish Appaloosa
Height: 34"
Breed: Miniature

Spud is the newest addition to the herd and my driving mini. I bought him September 17th, 2014, broke to ground-drive but never hooked to cart (over 15 hours away). Initially, I had bought him as a friend for Suzie, since she was being boarded alone and was lonely. Without the need for a second riding horse, I opted to look at miniatures who were able to drive. After purchasing Spud, I sent him to a Driving Trainer close to where he lived at the time and after two months of driving training, I brought him home (officially on November 29th, 2014).

Our relationship has began to blossom into a wonderful friendship and his work ethic in harness is amazing. We have had our set-backs, but for being a first-time driver and having a green horse, I think we're doing pretty damn well. He's taught me quite a lot - especially about fencing and Houdini horses...

He has done everything - from parades to weddings, children's birthday parties to shows.... this guy shows up to work to please. With each and every drive, he just gets better and better.

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