First ride together, January 11 2017.

Name: Annie
Year: 2012
Color: Brown Rabicano
Height: 15.1"
Breed: Appendix

Officially purchased in January 2017, I was looking for a new riding partner after I retired my Quarter Horse mare, Suzie. After a few months of searching, I pinned down Annie's ad and purchased her, sight unseen based off of a few video clips and photos. She was hauled over 1,000km "home" to the Great White (and cold!) North where I began working with her.

Being my very first green horse, we've been through a lot together. This mare went from 30 days in a training facility to the middle of nowhere back-woods private barn set up - never been ridden outside of an indoor arena, one of our very first rides together was on the roadway near the private barn I board at with cars driving by, dogs running about... and we kinda never looked back.

It has been a humbling experience, bringing up a young horse, and I am keen and excited to develop her further into a well-rounded and respectable horse. My goals for her have shifted over the last two years of ownership, but one thing remains the same - I want a horse that is happy to do their job, and a horse that I have fun on. There are no big aspirations to show Grand Prix or chase trophies, but I am happy enough to continue moving upwards in the Dressage and Jumping rings provided Annie is happy to do so with me.

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