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A 20-something year old living in a beautiful, quiet small-town on the outskirts of British Columbia with an abundance of animals. Currently, I own a talented but anxious Appendix mare, a tiny but mighty Miniature gelding, a very young and sweet APHA weanling, a quirky Terrier X, a bouncy and bubbly Miniature Aussie, and am in a relationship with a very loving and caring boyfriend who not only supports, but takes an interest in my crazy horse-person ways!

I began blogging a number of years ago, somewhere around 2009. However, after getting my very own horse, I decided to start blogging more religiously - that was in all the way back in 2013! I had decided way back then that I wanted to document both trials and tribulations with my horses so that I could one day look back and remember all of the wonderful memories and times I've had along the way.

Time travel back to 2005 on my Coach's awesome mare, Annie.

I began my horseback riding journey in 2005 under the instruction of an amazing coach and wonderfully thoughtful woman. From there, I became quite heavily involved in our district's 4-H Club and despite not having a horse of my own at the time, was very fortunate to have a plethora of horses to ride from a variety of wonderful people. I "catch rode" just about everything - being unable to be choosey over who my next mount would be, I simply took over the reins when owners asked, or when I knew a horse had become available to ride (due to owner injury, work schedule, etc). 

The three horses pictured below are the only a slight sampling of the amazing horses I had the opportunity to sit on. However, the following three are the ones who shaped me the most in becoming the horseperson I am today, and I felt I deeply had a stronger connection with them than any of the others. 

Looking back even now, every horse I ever rode had something to teach me. They all hold a special place in my heart and I have nothing but the greatest of respect for a plain brown mare who plodded quietly along during my first show, a palomino gelding who taught me the meaning of "sit the hell up and ride", a clunky painted draft who came into my life in the most difficult of times and not only lifted me up, but let me soar, and a firey sorrel gelding who re-grounded me and brought along a vast amount of cheeky moments.


Rest In Paradise Pony-boy <3
Rest In Peace, Old Man <3

This blog is meant to be a reflection of my horse life - capturing the moments as they happen and giving me insight and clarity as life propels ever onwards. It is a place where I can vocalize my thoughts and dreams, a place where I can strategize or think, a place where I can complain, cry, or boast. This blog is aimed to inspire other riders, as well as showcase that we truly are cut from the same cloth when it comes to horses, no matter the discipline, horse, or rider. We all ride for the enjoyment and beauty of our four-legged best friends.

Welcome to Two and a Half Horses.

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