Monday, February 1, 2021

I'm Back (kind of), With a Maizey Update

It's been a hot minute since I wrote any kind of semblance of a blog entry - even longer since I was actually consistent with documenting mine and the horse's shenanigans and adventures. In some ways, I've certainly missed the blogger atmosphere and being able to flip back and fondly remember or recount certain rides, shows, or clinics. In others, 2020 has been a giant cluster-fuck that I don't know if I care to relive in graphic detail.

I'm still well aboard the #StruggleBus from 2020, but I am beginning to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel (I mean, I am also furiously knocking on wood because if I have learned anything about 2020, it's that it can smell confidence a mile away). It's going to take some time, and I'm trying to remind myself to take things one day at a time and to tackle each issue as it comes (IF it comes).

The last few entries before the extended blog-break, I shared the heartbreaking diagnosis of ringbone in Maizey's front left fetlock, and the myriad of COPD-related issues with Momma Bans. Truth be told, if I had to give a short version of what 2020 was like, it would be: an assortment of vet bills and diagnostics, hundreds of trailer miles, and a lot of uncertainty and frustration.


That isn't how I want to blog, and that isn't how I want to relive 2020 - which is why I disappeared for a majority of the year as I came to grips with everything (in my own way and on my own terms), navigated all of these medical diagnoses and figured out how to best advocate for my horses (and for myself).

It's been a really bumpy several months, and if all of this has taught me anything, it is that it can be so easy to be swept up into the shitty things that happened and how it changes the trajectory of this or that, but at the end of the day, I still have a lot to be grateful for. 

And I'm trying to do just that.

And so, with all of that being said - I'm slowly starting to dip my toes back into the blogging game again and what better way to do so than to revisit what Maizey Moo has been up to for the last several months?!

A moment of silence for everyone's viewing devices as they download the several billion photos and point-form captions I have decided to share below:

I will say that not much has happened for Moo over the last several months.
For the majority of the year, we spent time snuggling,
working on our ground-work manners and untangling that
wild and crazily FULL mane.

The long Summer afternoons were filled with a lot of growing and napping.
AJ was more than happy to join.
Moo continues to live with AJ, across the street from Annie and
Spud and is still quite happy with her living arrangements.

She also learnt the art of ponying, and joined us for several
trips around the subdivision. (For purposes of this picture, we were
at a stand-still and Maizey was actually being ponied by AJ. I simply
wanted a photo of all three ponies).

Momma Annie remains largely infatuated with her kiddo,
and even though they have spent time apart, she always falters
or completely stops at the end of Maizey/AJ's driveway - mostly
to catch a glimpse of her baby and say hello.

We took an adventure to the riding arena where Maizey got
to check out some barrels, practice standing tied for a short period
of time and did some despooking stuff (see next photo)!

On the field trip to the ara, I noted that
the old mattress from the year previous' Cowboy
Challenge was still tucked away in the show office,
so I took the liberty of dragging it out and practicing
walking over with Maizey. She did really great, especially
considering the mattress had quite a bit of "give" to it.

We took another trip - this time to the indoor arena which is
a town over - for a PEMF session. A PEMF specialist has started
to service our area and I figured it would be a good option for Maizey
given the issues with her fetlock.

For a yearling, she did quite well with the weird
looking equipment, new place, and odd sounds.
She shuffled around moderately, but overall stood like
a champ and the PEMF lady was quite impressed.

As the Summer progressed, we continued on with
desensitizing and playing around with random objects.
The tarp continues to be a bit of a bone of contention, as
we had a little bit of a set-back in her first exposure to it due to
some weirdly high winds and a tarp that decided to blow up into
poor Maizey's face as she went to step over. Oops!
We revisited the tarp several times over the summer in low-pressure
settings and she's done really well. Slow and steady!

Maizey was introduced to the sights and sounds
related to hot shoeing, as AJ got a new set - we hung around to check out
the smoke and this was Maizey's reaction.

There was some time spent playing with surcingles, pads, and looking
ridiculously awkward (especially that neck... oh my lord).

And then, just like that, we had to size up to a
Cob-sized halter.*cries*

Every month or two, I'd trot her out to see what kind of pony I had.
The lameness we saw back in April hasn't reared it's head again - I
mean, I don't consistently trot her out or check her lameness because
I understand it is something that can change day to day. However,
the general consensus has been that she is pretty darn sound and
even better than that? She hasn't needed a single NSAID since her
initial diagnosis and subsequent pain management regime the Vets advised for her
(this is to say, she has been sound enough that she does not require NSAIDs).
I remain cautiously optimistic about her future, as I know the best laid plans
can go awry, but I continue to believe that things will work out as they intend to.
She is on some joint support supplements and wears magnetic fetlock
bands most of the time (with it being winter and quite snowy, I removed the bands).

The Fall was very wet, and Moo got to wear
some of her "big girl" clothes. They were kinda
saggy and awkward on her, but she'll grow into them!

And grow she did!!
Yes, that is me on my tippy-toes with my awkward long yearling.

Even with the rain, Maizey still got out for a few ponying adventure walks.
It was becoming concerning to me how big she looked
alongside a 16.1hh AJ though!!

A very fuzzy and fluffy Moo-cow out on a solo hand-walk.
She was a bit nervous without AJ but did so well!
(And no, her front left is not clubby. I have no idea why
it looks like that in the photos).

That about catches up Maizey's adventures for the last several months - everything is pretty easy and lowkey for the moment and like I had outlined above, I'm planning to send her to pasture for a few months this Summer so she can go be a baby. I initially was going to send her for the Summer of 2020 as well, but after her diagnosis, the Vet's advised against it. So, if things keep looking promising, she'll be released to be a free wild pony for a few months. I'm a large advocate of turning out horses as much as possible, on as much space as possible - especially young horses. I want her to gallop up and down hills, feel different and varied terrain under her hooves, and most of all, eat lots and lots of fresh green grass.

We'll see what the year brings, as her soundness and Spring/early Summer radiographs will dictate what move I make in that regard. For now, I am enjoying the time Ihave with her and trying to not obsess over the future too much. She doesn't seedd herself as any different and so long as she is pain free and happy, I'll continue to do the best can by her.

I have no real "plans" for her two year old year (in May) other than more exposure and desensitization. Just showing her what life is all about in a low pressure and positive setting - I have no desire to push her faster than what she can do, and with her medical issues, we'll take things as slowly as she needs.


  1. Welcome back! I've been wondering how your horses were doing!
    Glad to hear things are going okay. Maizey is looking so grown up! And it sounds like she has a great brain!

    1. Thank you!!
      She’s a pretty good little girl!

  2. Yay, you're back! Maizey is just gorgeous and has such a kind expression. She's so big now!

  3. I have really missed you. Welcome back. Thank you for the update on Maizey. It sounds like she's doing great.

    1. I’ve missed you as well! Can’t wait to catch up on what adventures you’ve been having!!

  4. ohhh Maizey is growing up lovely!! YAY. I am so glad she is doing well. She may fool you completely. IF nothing else what a lovely driving horse she would be too! Now i want a Spud update :) Thanks for posting!

    1. She is at that awkward and gangly phase right now but I think it’ll buff out hahaha.
      Driving - that’s a good option if all else fails!

  5. Thank you for finally giving in to my constant nagging * smirk *. Maizey Moo has some seriously great hair!

    1. Thanks for pushing me to make my way back <3

  6. Was wondering where you were. Good to hear Maizey is doing well. She really has grown! Annie is really cute with her too.