Friday, February 5, 2021

A Very Potato Update

Next in line for a photo-heavy update is the very famous and very handsome potato-pony. 

For the most part, Spud wasn't up to too much - it was a pretty low key several months (not just for Spud, but for everyone) while I dealt with various health problems in Bannie and tried not to rip my hair out, as well as a very uncharacteristically wet and yucky Spring... then a very wet Summer... followed by a wet Fall. (For what it's worth, our Winter has been quite wet as well, but 2021 for the most part has been filled with sunnier and drier days, which I hope translates over into the other seasons as well.)

That all being said, we still got up to a few shenanigans and managed to make the best of a pretty weird year.

Let's recap!


On several of the nice and *gasp* sunny days,
Spud and I enjoyed some really nice drives.
We didn't do too much, but played around with the basics
and getting him off of my left rein (the one he loves to
hang on). Previous posts alluded to a bit change, which
never happened due to the postal service issues once
COVID hit. We continue to use the half cheek mullen
mouth he seems to still enjoy. We'll revisit a bit upgrade in
the future, but it's been tabled for when I can actually
send it to the PO box in the States (there are several boxes currently
sitting in Washington waiting to be picked up from... March 2020.  Oof).

I found that Spud did a lot better in the Frey cart
than he did in the year previous - definitely a lot stronger and
able to balance the weight much easier. We made some
adjustments to the cart and the way it sits, but I'm still
not 100% happy with it. The Boyfriend offered to purchase some
of the marathon shafts I have been lusting after for Christmas,
so at some point I'll order them and finish the upgrades
to his cart to make it much more comfortable and conformed to him.

He accompanied Momma Bans to a very neat-o
photoshoot my bestie had planned for several months.
It was a lot of fun and Spud was the best traveling companion - his
only complaint was that the photoshoot was not for him. Sorry dude, next time.

We still love our Greenguard muzzle!
I had some issues with it wearing weirdly from his front
teeth and Greenguard replaced it for me, as it was within a year
warranty. I made some adjustments as to how it hangs, and it seems to
have solved the problem. We had a bit of an issue with the halter rubbing while
he was shedding out, so I painstakingly sewed a cotton cover.
The fleecies I ordered are sitting in a PO box still...

As always, Spud came along for many hacks (where possible).
And as always, he was very happy to be out.

As part of a work-out regime, I incorporated in some
lunging while Annie was still slowly being legged
back up and couldn't really pony for extended periods.
She did, however, judge Spud from afar during his efforts.

He showed off his moves - especially when it was time to catch him again
after being allowed to frolick around loose. That was a fun time.

He begged for cookies before I even got in the saddle.
I mean, who could say no to that face tho?

He showed off his Summer bod during one of the nicer, cooler
evenings. I was pretty pleased with how he looked given
the pretty randomized work schedule. Of course, he doesn't look
anything like this now as Winter makes everyone a little bit... pudgier.
Can't wait for the snow to melt and the days to get longer so we
can get back to it!

More Summer evening drives were had - this particular
photo has a bit of a story behind it. You see, I found these super
nice bales another farm trucks in and managed to score quite a few.
Except. They don't fit in my feeder.
The bales are a ginormous 6+' across and the widest part of the feeder is 5',
which means each bale has to get stripped down to a 5' diameter  before it
can even be placed out into the feeder. This particular bale was being hand-stripped
and fed incrementally until it was small enough that the tractor could load it. I have since
changed up the process so it's easier and less... time-sucking. But it's still a process.
I must really love my horses or something?

Back when I had to take Momma for further diagnostics, Spud was
alone for a weekend. The home owners where the horses live took him
for many, many walks, and he was very spoiled while I was away. I don't
think he missed me very much, haha.

I caught him nomming on the stirrup leathers before
we headed out for an early Fall ride. Naughty boy!!

For a small dude, he keeps up pretty well with Annie!

With all of the rain and general dampness, I
bought Spud a rather ridiculous rainsheet (and
apparently forgot his size in the process, d'oh)!

Looking very majestic in the snowfall - don't
let that face fool you, he tried to escape when I momentarily
left the gate semi-ajar.

The winter has been full of hand-walks with these two
goofs, and it's been very therapeutic.

A friend gifted a winter blanket to us - it is a bit too
small, but it'll do for those super cold and crisp days.
Spud looks pretty cute in it, too!

And to make the photo-spam complete - his little
apple-bottom booty <3


  1. I adore Spud. I can never get enough photos of him. The cookie face melted my ice cold heart. Awwwwww. He looks great in the summer bod photo as well. Love this update.

    1. I'll be sure to let him know his fan club is alive and well, haha! He isn't hard to like, that's for sure.

  2. I swear that tiny potato is smiling in the first picture!

  3. I honestly don't think there is a cuter Spud anywhere. He really has some adorable expressions, especially cookie face! Who would have thought he was so fast, looked like it was almost a tie in the race with Annie!

    1. Isn't he fast?! He surprises me with how quick on his feet he can be.

  4. thank you for giving me my spud fix. I needed that on this crappy work monday LOL! :) LOVE HIM!

  5. I can't ever get enough of Spud. That video of him and Annie racing is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    1. He's the cutest little dude!
      For a small, stout guy, he can sure go pretty fast!