Thursday, May 21, 2020

Happy 1st Birthday, Maizey

Earlier this month (May 12th to be exact), Maizey and I celebrated her first birthday!

Happy Birthday, Moo <3
Despite the very fresh news of her ringbone diagnosis, I was bound and determined to not let it put a damper on my ownership or excitement of her first birthday. It was really shitty for a while (and it still is), but sitting in a slump does nothing for anyone. Might as well enjoy every little milestone we can, right?

This being said, I'm pretty pleased to write that Maizey hasn't been on Previcox since mid/end April. I tapered her down to a low dose, as per the veterinarian's recommendation, and began the process of weaning her completely off of it to see how she did.

For the most part, her soundness is pretty well intact. She flutters from about 80% to (dare I say) 100% sound, and from the videos I've sent to several friends, it seems to be the general consensus. Of course, soundness at this point does not indicate soundness for the future. So again, I'm guarded and cautiously optimistic.

She is living the hard life, clearly.
That's not to say she isn't without dietary support for her ringbone - I am a believer in achieving comfort through less harsh medicine and chemicals. Of course, there is a time and place for heavy duty drugs, but I also have to consider the fact Maizey is 12 months old and will require a lifetime of support. So, best to set the body up for success while I have a chance to.

Upon her diagnosis, I went to work immediately to source any kind of remedies, tonics, tinctures, cures (ha ha ha), and followed several stories from horse owners who also have youngsters with this terrible disease (and reached out to a few in the process). Armed with the knowledge of familiar stories and my own research, I started her on a Herbs for Horses supplement which has a lot of wonderful ingredients that will do wonders for joint support (especially for her "good" leg). It is packed with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, collagen, herring oil, glucosamine, MSM and an antioxidant blend. It took her a while to accept the weird smelling powder, but she eats it quite readily now with her very tiny amount of mash.

Always and forever sun-tanning.
I also got suckered into purchasing a set of EQU SteamZ magnetic fetlock bands. I read a few studies they did on the bands and there seems to be positive reviews from hundreds of horse owners. I figured why not, I'll give it a try. So far I haven't found any negative issues with the bands, although the first time I put them on Maizey I just about died laughing as she attempted to figure out what the heck was on her legs!

She is also on holistic and homeopathic remedies, as Nicole's mom is a huge advocate of natural healing. She asked if she could give Maizey some remedies and I found no reason not to, so I'm learning about the other side of the coin. She is on a few different mixtures at the moment, but primarily has been on calc fluor, ruta and a few others I struggle to remember. Regardless, it's been a neat way to look at treating an issue and I'm learning a lot about homeopathic treatment from her mom.

(*Please note, in no way am I replacing veterinarian medical advice with magnets and MSM - there isn't really anything anyone can do until Maizey is older, so trying out a few different options is worthwhile to me. Sitting and "waiting" is something I have never been good at, so these things give me options, and give me hope. In addition, they are recommended by quite a few others I've talked to who also have young horses with ringbone. So we will see what it brings.)

Waking up is tough to do, even when it's your birthday!
All this being said - it's very much a waiting game. I remain cautiously optimistic and continue to enjoy working with Maizey as she learns about the world.

On her birthday, I gave her her very first bath - which she was slightly nervous about but OK enough that I was able to fully bathe her without it taking several hours. I had been practicing with the hose on her leg weeks prior, and she has been exposed to cold-hosing and soaking her hoof in a tub of water... so I'd say all her ailments prepped her quite well for bathing, haha!

All clean... for about 30 minutes.
As a sidenote, I'm loving how she's maturing!
As she dried off, she got to graze a bit and we did some in hand work which she was really good for. Once she was dry enough, we got some cute little photos (without the party hat because she had a meltdown with that on her poll... oops).

We've still been doing The Things like tying, leading, picking up our feet, etc and she's done really well. Last weekend Nicole and I went for a ride and she ponied Maizey while I ponied Spud. Annie got to see Maize for a short period, which was cute, although it took her a second to really remember her.

It seems like time is just flying - she was a teeny little baby not so long ago and now she's ginormous!

That being said, I'm looking forward to playing around with her a bit more this Summer and seeing how she matures. We're firmly into yearling territory, and I'm interested to see her personality continue to develop and how she handles meeting new things. We're going to be keeping it quite light this year, for obvious reasons (mostly bc she's a baby haha) and we'll reassess as the year goes on if I'm going to send her to pasture for a month or two. In speaking with the Vets, they cautioned me against sending her just yet, so she might have to wait until her two year old year to do that.

Either way, I'm happy to have her and whatever is best for her longevity and health.

Here is to many more years with my sweet, sensitive, and kind Moo-cow!

Happy Birthday, Moo <3


  1. You have a wonderful outlook, and I think you're 100% right that fretting now won't change anything. Best to enjoy her however that works out.
    You may try turmeric too if you haven't. It's natural and great for inflammation.

  2. Sophie shares a birthday with Maizey <3 It sounds like you've got an awesome plan for her! I've been adding camelina oil and tumeric to Bridget's and Sophie's food forever. I've read articles for both that the science isn't really there - the quantities they'd have to be able to process would be insane - BUT they love the taste and it's cheap and I figure if it hides the taste of the stuff they're not so crazy about (Dr Reeds) and possibly is anti-inflammatory/good for their coats and respiratory it's a win :)

  3. Happy birthday sweet little filly!

  4. I am glad she is doing well and hope her soundness continues. Fingers crossed for everything good to happen for you!! Hugs! Happy Birthday Maizey she is just lovely!

  5. Happy Birthday to the sweet little girl!! Glad to hear she's doing well right now!

  6. Happy Birthday to a sweet girl. Hope she continues to be sound.