Tuesday, January 21, 2020

After The Storm: Return of Snowmageddon

Visions of Snowmageddon 2015 have been playing in my mind for the last 48 hours, and I am happy to say that we seem to be on the other side of the worst of it. I am trying to remain positive, although I frantically am checking the weather network at a religious pace (and it is snowing yet again...). The storm I had briefly mentioned in my last post came to fruition and ended up causing a bit of pandemonium in our little town - so much so that schools, businesses, and non-essential services were closed, shut down and told to stay home.

I can't even calculate how much snow we got, but I'll say that I waded through waist-deep snow to get to the horses (the BO didn't have her driveway cleared for 48 hours, which was FUN).

Since we had a "snow day" yesterday (I actually cannot remember the last time we had a snow day, wherein schools and businesses were closed) the SO and I got to it and tried to cross as many chores off our list as we could.

Over the weekend I smartly moved the horses's water trough under cover, as the threat of even more snow made me nervous. It was a daunting task, excavating a trough from packed down snow, but I got it done and managed to get everything set up just in time for the storm to roll through.

Yesterday was a busy day - snowblowing driveways, shoveling, clearing vehicles, and clearing the horse's lean to roof (as the pitch of the roof is not as steep as the rest of the barn roofs, so it needed a bit of help, as the threat of rain is coming later this week).

Since every bone in my body hurts, I'll leave you with photos of the chaos and once again, will announce that Spud would like to move to California please and thank you (I also would like to go with him).

The lean to roof doesn't have the highest pitch, which makes snow accumulate at a higher
rate than the other roofs on the barn.

It took me 2 hours to get the bulk of the snow off. The remainder is laden with
ice, so too difficult to scrape off.
The snow was easily 4ft high, not including
the ice layer I couldn't get to budge.

They don't know how lucky they are.
You can see Annie's trail to the left, but you can no longer see
my back pasture fences.

I took the dogs for a walk around town lastnight, and it was
Some of the sidewalks had not been plowed yet.

There is a house back there somewhere.
My horse trailer is back there... somewhere.
Ghost vehicles who did not get cleared during the dump of snow.
At this rate, it will take until June for the snow to melt. I might get to ride my horse at some point in 2020... maybe.


  1. Wow! The snow is so pretty but that's intense.

    1. It sure is beautiful, but it's a lot of work to move around, especially since we are running out of places to put it.

  2. ugh that makes me cold to just look at those photos. Spud come south! IT is cold as f today but no snow ;)

  3. We got 4" of lovely fluffy lake snow this weekend that everyone was whining about, and our local weather guy was showing pics of this storm to shut everyone up lol. So...congrats on making the news all the way in NY? :P

    1. That is actually hilarious!! We're kinda famous!

  4. Oh man. I don't know how you deal with all that.

  5. I think I'll take the brutal cold that we had last week over your dump of snow!

  6. Wow! As a Canandian myself, I feel I should be able to handle that much snow...but I'll be honest, I've never seen that much in one shot! We got 30cms on the weekend, but it was light and fluffy and not a problem.

    Good that you were able to get to the barn and take care of the horses. My short legs make me feel for Spud trying to navigate the snow!

    1. Thankfully when it fell it is light and fluffy, but it has begun to rain so it's quite heavy now. I'm glad I did the roof prior to the rain falling.

  7. wow. That is a lot. Did you see the photos from NFLD this past weekend? Your snow reminds me of the winter of 2015 here. One I never want to repeat.

    1. I did!
      They got an INSANE amount. The SO and I were looking at photos of people's doors completely snowed in and I told Jamie, "I would get SO claustrophobic and probably go feral trying to get to the outside"
      Something about being literally stuck in your own home sends shivers down my spine and makes my skin just crawl.

  8. OMG. Spud is welcome to winter with me in Florida =-P