Monday, June 17, 2019

Another Summertime Recap

Whenever Summer comes along, the wheels kinda fall off the blogging wagon. This year is no different, especially since I am neck-deep in a particularly difficult school course at the moment and any spare computer time is spent researching and reading vs blogging. 

It is kind of the nature of the beast tho. The days are longer and warmer, and more time is spent at the barn (not that I'm complaining!) and sometimes, divulging a recap in late summer trail rides or yet another schooling session doesn't make for very interesting blogging fodder, esp with lack of media!

C'est la vie, though.

I am hoping that once this course is completed (two more weeks!) that things will get better and soon enough I'll be able to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

For now tho, you'll have to enjoy the few photos I have from the past two weeks of silence (fear not, I have a clinic recap from this past weekend coming soon!).

We've done a lot of grazing in the one section of land behind the BO's house.
It's full of buttercups at the moment from all of our rain activity, but there is a
decent amount of grass available for Annie to graze on.
Unfortunately, she does not seem to do well if she is alone in the paddock - so
long as she can hear me working in the area and walking around, she is fine.
As soon as I get in my truck to leave for a few hours, she gallops laps. It's frustrating
because it would be nice to turn her out for a few hours, but I just let her out when I do
chores or read my school book. It works, so we'll just do that.

We've schooled a few times in the arena and it was full of #feelings.
On one of our rides, Annie forgot what her left lead was and decided to
cross fire instead of lower and extend her neck.
Sooo, that was fun.
It didn't take long for her to get her hamsters back on their wheel,
which I was thankful for.
Oh, mare.

More grazing - lucky girl!

Post-schooling ride. Bannie worked hard in this ride, mostly because she
decided cross-firing was easier than just cantering 15m circles.

Our Farrier appointment went well - she was really well behaved.
The farrier made a comment that I have been riding a lot, because
her shoes were quite thin in some sections, haha.

This schooling ride featured more poor decisions re: cantering, but a lot
less #feelings. I was pretty pleased with her, actually.

We got a new pad... what else is new, haha. Except, I won this one in a contest
from Trainer K. We were pretty #matchymatchy on our trail ride.

Speaking of which, we went for a nice long trail ride with V and Geronimo again.
It was a good ride and the horses were really well behaved.

The trail featured some sink holes - there is a second hole
at the upper right corner. It was kinda sketchy, but we made it!

Of course, Spud has been getting out lots too!
Mugging me for treats.
Sidenote, I am not impressed with this muzzle - it has
already started to fall apart and I've used it for maybe...
3 months now. I'm gearing up to order the Green Guard. 
We did one last schooling ride before our clinic this past weekend.
Surprisingly, Bannie was pleasant enough to ride and had
absolutely 0 canter hysterics. She was also verrrry lazy this ride.

She was let out to graze after our ride last Friday, and spent
more time trying to nap than eat.

We've been seriously working on our Dressage.


  1. 100% recommend Green Guard. Liam has been wearing his for over a year and it has held up well - plus his weight is good!

  2. Summer is a busy time! I'm glad that Annie is dong well.

  3. Um, that sink hole is terrifying. But that purple pad is amazing!

  4. Summer is busy enough on it's own without schoolwork in the mix! Glad you're getting time to ride though! Annie is looking great! Spud is too, he's definitely trimmed up some.