Wednesday, February 13, 2019

An Update of Sorts

Well Blog-Land, it's been a hot minute.

There isn't necessarily anything new to report, aside from the fact we are still fiercely gripped in the claws of a cool arctic front. Thankfully, it appears to be lifting, but we still won't see any numbers on the positive side of the Celsius scale for a few more weeks.

Rest assured, the horses are bundled as needed and everyone is as happy as they can be given the circumstances. During the afternoons it warms up significantly and the horses stand longingly at the fence, and sometimes attempt to trot or gallop on the very hard, frozen snowy ground. Unfortunately, the bursts of energy don't last long, as both horses are physically uncomfortable trying to play across uneven rock-hard ice/snow. 

The other day I watched Annie go down for a roll, and I visibly cringed as she tried her hardest to roll on a section of hard snow that had been traipsed through several times. The edges of the snow did not budge and I could see the frustration in my mare's eyes as she hopped up, squealed, and attempted to take off trotting in annoyance.

The frozen wasteland of poo and snow.
You can see the little craters in the snow from where they
had walked weeks ago. It's very hard and uncomfortable.
Jamie and I discussed re-arranging the barn a little bit next year to allow the horses to utilize one of the 6 stalls. I was given free reign of three of them - the other three are used as storage for the BO and her husband. Of the three stalls one is my tack room, one is hay storage, and the third is general storage (Spud's cart, hoses, extra fence rails, tarps for hay, etc). In the past, the remaining two stalls were used for hay, as I hadn't been buying round bales at the time.

So, we'll see what we can do for next year. Right now it's not a high priority of mine to change over the stalls and move things around in -20C weather, especially since the stalls will require a pretty thorough walk-down to ensure no nails are sticking out, boards are sturdy, door latches are sturdy, etc. So, Summer project! 

Returning from a frigid walk.
I had plans on hauling out to the indoor to let the horses stretch their legs, but there is a risk of snow fall in the next coming weeks that make me leery. Let's not forget, I also have to somehow dig my trailer out of the frozen snow surrounding it and insure it before we even get as far as hauling somewhere!

We have been able to keep somewhat busy tho - I did manage a really wonderful ride on Annie back in mid-January, and have been able to hand walk both horses a handful of times. I try to hand-walk once or twice a week, weather/time/mental capacity (lol) pending. They're quite bored and happy when we do go out, so I try to keep them as busy as I can.

It was in the pouring rain, but we wore our neon pink
quarter sheet and all was OK with the world.

Or maybe it was fun for me and only me... lol

That apple bottom could only belong to one Potato!
Other than that, I've been pretty busy with the new addition to the family (Why did no one remind me how much work puppies are?) and full time work and school. It's a bit of a hectic life and at times I feel like I'm being swallowed whole and losing my mind (I had set down the wooden floor brush attachment when vacuuming the house and somehow it ended up in one of Jamie's work boots... uhm, what?). 

Anyways, just anxiously waiting for Spring and longer, warmer days that are sure to be around the corner. I feel a bit behind the mark, tho, because this time last year I had already done a clinic, Annie was in full training and I had already taken a few lessons from Trainer K. 

8 weeks vs 11.5 weeks.
Ah well, not much that can be done about the weather aside from longingly waiting for better days ahead :) 


  1. That puppy face is too cute tho! Exciting about the prospect of reconfiguring the barn for next year tho - that could be really cool! Stay warm!

  2. Full time work, school, puppy raising, and horses - holy wow! Whenever do you find time to sleep? ;-)

  3. Cedar is too adorable! Love that puppy face. And "apple butt" and Annie are looking great too. I hope your weather clears up soon and you can get out a bit with the horses. Hang in there!

    1. It warmed up the last few days, but of course we got a dump of snow. Ick.

  4. I hear you on the weather! It wil improve soon though. Right?

    1. It improved, but it snowed lol. Can't have everything I guess.

  5. I really hope spring comes soon for all of us! Your puppy is ADORABLE!

  6. Your puppy is sooo cute! I'm glad things overall are well if not maybe pretty darn cold. Don't beat yourself up over not having shows and clinics in the shoot, take the time for yourself.

    1. Thank you!!

      And yes, you are right. Spring and Summer are just around the corner and we'll be busy enough back in the saddle!!

  7. OMG that puppy is too precious for words. Our temps have been all over the place these last few weeks. Not much in terms of snow, but we got a ton of ice. Between that and the mud, it's pretty miserable to be a horse outside right now.

    1. Ugh, I feel like everyone is having a miserable winter this year.