Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2019 Goals: Furthering Education and Relationships

2019 Goals 

This year is going to kinda be a bit different for goals - not that I don't have any, but that I'm willing to be more lax about the specifics. Last year, I put numbers to a lot of things and while I still was able to achieve a good amount of my goals, I feel like having a lack of pressure to perform and "get things done" will ease me into a routine that is more helpful to me and my horse. Instead of saying "I want to jump 2'6" by October." I will say "I want to jump more, and be comfortable jumping bigger jumps".  

I found that I was less frazzled last year with the way I laid out my goals, as in years previous I revisited them monthly and found myself floundering to keep up with my own expectations. Goals aren't meant to shake every ounce of your worth out, and they certainly aren't meant to stress you out. When December 31st rolled around and I looked back at all the items I managed to tick off, I was proud. We had blips of issues along the way - lack of forwards, trail riding woes, etc - but they were momentary issues that we worked steadily on to improve. I'm sure 2019 will carry some baggage from 2018, which is fine, but I feel better prepared to deal with the issues and better developed as a rider to address the nuances and understand that they do not define Annie and I as partners.

This will be Annie's third year under saddle, and I feel like things are starting to become more "mature". The funny thing about it, is that I still feel like I'm learning about her and understanding her. I think she is still trying to figure herself out too, in some circumstances. Growing up we go through so many developmental changes so I imagine this year, she'll have a better understanding of what is expected of her as well as how to manage her own self (both in mind and body).

It goes without saying tho, that beyond the point-form goals below, my biggest goal of all is to further develop a partnership and relationship with my horses, and keep learning from both of them. Which is why any of us do this whole horsey thing in the first place!

  • Above all - keep the horse happy and healthy. Work towards bettering a partnership with her and understanding each-other even more. A lot of the points below (such as lessons) will effectively help me succeed in maintaining an understanding relationship with her while still being a fair but firm leader.
  • Keeping with the tradition of year's passed, I would like to enter as many clinics/lessons as I can. I managed 15 lessons last year, and I'd love to stick around the same amount this year. There are quite a few different clinics coming to the area (horsemanship, cavaletti clinic, etc) and I'd love to garner information from each of them. As they say - knowledge is power!
  • Attend the Fun Days! I didn't get to any of them last year, although that was mostly due to scheduling conflicts with all of the clinics I was in. This year, I'd like to get out to a few of them. Clear Rounds, Percentage Days, Gymkhanas, etc. Just for fun and exposure.
  • Keep on keepin' on with the basics - walk, trot, canter (leads), rein back, TOH, TOF. Also make moves to start getting those walk-canter-walks, counter canter, shoulder in, haunches in, and leg yielding. I'd like to play more with adjustability within the gaits - this is something we did a lot of in our Anthony clinics and when schooling on my own I kinda "forget" to play within the gaits sometimes.
  • Take part in the shows I can. I don't want to put a number on it, but I'd like to get out there as much as possible, of course. Ideally, I'd like to start the year off doing Training Level and then move onto First, but we'll see what happens. I had intended to do First last year, but our lack of forward issue kinda made it an unwise decision. I'd like to get her jumping more too, and instead of writing down a height, I wanna just do more Hunter courses and have fun - regardless of the heights. 
  • Keep up with the trail riding! We did quite a bit of it last year, and I'd like to continue and expose Annie to bigger groups. 

  • Scope out the CDE's that are happening closest to me. Figure out a game plan on attending, budgeting, and then get the ball rolling. If this summer plays out like last year, forest fires will put a damper on most of the driving season after June, so I need to plan ahead. 
  • Scope out any clinics that are close to the area and figure out a game plan on attending. A lot of the driving stuff happens a bit of a ways away from home, so it requires quite a bit of planning.
  • Keep him in decent shape and legged up. 
  • If possible to get him out there doing some gymkhanas, I'd like to take that opportunity ;) 

  • Become healthier and stronger - I'd like to run a 5K with my Dad this year, and I certainly believe that is an attainable goal!
  • Eradicate CC debt. This is rolled over from last year. I have some plans on how to make this happen, I just need to stick to it.
  • Continue to plug away at property - a barn may be going up this year pending some bylaw amendments through the city. We shall see - I am hopeful tho!
  • Pay attention to needless horsey spending. I did pretty good last year, despite buying my new dressage saddle (which was needed), so I'd like to keep myself honest to that :) 
  • Keep up with my studies and work hard to achieve my diploma - yes, I signed myself up for mooooore school work, aha.

Now... hurry up and be over Winter!


  1. These are wonderful goals. A lot of bloggers are tackling goals differently this year. I want winter to be over now too!

    1. I noticed that - a lot more in-tune with our horses and the aspect of partnership.

  2. Wonderful goals. Everything sounds super attainable! Wishing the best to you and yours for 2019.

    1. I'm excited to already get started :)
      And you as well - I cannot see where you head with your critters this year.

  3. Your goals are realistic and attainable. Good luck to you with everything this year. Hope that barn becomes a reality sooner than later.

    1. Thank you, GHM <3 I'm excited for this year to get under way!

  4. Great goals! I too am trying to be more mindful of my spending - it kind of exploded when I was making more money. Damn you lifestyle creep!

    1. Thank you, L! Ack, spending is hard... when you make more you just end up spending that additional cash on other things. It's a vicious cycle

  5. Sounds like a plan for a fun year ahead! Good luck!