Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Goals Recap

2018 Goals Recap

  • Attend as many clinics/lessons as I can. Knowledge is power!  My "happy number" is anywhere from 10-15 lessons.  This was a huge success and I managed to get a wonderful 15 lessons in throughout the year. It may not seem like much for those who take weekly lessons, but compared to the 5 lessons I managed to swing in 2017, we had a hugely successful year!
  • In addition to clinics, attend as many "fun" days as I can. This means clear rounds, percentage days, gymkhanas, etc. Purely for exposure and as a low pressure segway into shows. I actually didn't attend a single "fun" day, haha. Moreso due to schedule conflicts with other events than anything.
  • Solidify the basics - walk/ trot/ canter (leads), back up, TOH, TOF. Start to get more reliability in true extensions, shoulder in and haunches in. We definitely have our basics! We need to brush up on TOH and TOF a bit more, but it's all there. She has also started to learn what extensions are vs rushed trotting. We haven't played much with haunches in due to the fact it's verrrry easy for her to do and she more or less wants to be crooked when she canters. So, we'll revisit that this coming year :o)
  • Compete in 2-3 shows; I'd like to see where we stand after Annie's training in February, but my tentative plans are to continue with Walk/Trot divisions for our first show and then move up and close out the year with Training level (tentative First Level stretch goal here pending our progress!). For flat classes - pretty much the same thing. Start walk/trot and then go into a few with canter to get her used to it. And for the jumping - continuing with 18"-2' and ideally close out the year with 2'3"-2'6" hunter classes.  OK, so there were some stretch goals here. I'm gonna still 'x' it off and say we did the thing because the First Level and 2'6" courses were hard stretches that I wasn't necessarily pushing for. We've continued to push along at Training Level and continued with the smaller jumps which I am happy with. We did three shows this year, with one being online.
  • Trail ride more - in a group and solo. I'd like to take her down a bunch of the old logging roads and haul out to the local ski-trails. There is also a Mountain Horse course 3hrs away I'd love to play around on! Didn't get to go to the Mountain Horse course BUT we've trail ridden A LOT this year. We've done all kinds of trails both with and without other horses. She's been pretty good save for a handful of rides but overall I'm pretty pleased with her.
  • Purchase Dressage saddle and pay off before end of the year. Done and done! Saddle was paid off in the Summer :) 

  • Compete at 1 CDE/FDT at 1st level. We didn't get to make it out to a CDE, unfortunately. Wildfires caused a lot of cancellations in the later dates and I didn't feel like Spud was legged up enough to compete in their earlier in the year CDEs (April).
  • Compete at BVX and go for high point. We did and we won high point :)
  • Continue to work towards a free walk and collection. Getting better. Need more march in the free walk still but not terrible!! Collection is coming - just have to remember to push him more into it vs pulling him into it.
  • Work on pivots while hitched. They are certainly better than before!

Roxy isn't largely shared on the blog, so enjoy some Roxy
from October <3

  • Complete CHSEP certificate program. Done! I actually am starting my diploma program in 2019 now, haha.
  • Eradicate CC debt. I certainly didn't clear it as much as I wanted, but it's slowly getting there.
  • Spending freeze on horsey things I do not need (like bridles, bits, etc). The only passable items are a set of jumping boots, a white show pad and the dressage saddle. That's it! I think I did pretty darn good this year! I bought a few things not listed like a fly sheet, but were necessary things at the time.
  • Continue to plug away at property - slowly but surely! Yes! I just need to finally finalize my barn plans (scary to think!!) and we are planning to build come Spring/Summer!

Stay tuned for 2019 goals coming in the New Year :)


  1. look at all those goals crossed off the list - congrats on a big year with all the critters ;)

  2. Whoa, you crushed a lot of goals this year! Congrats :)

  3. Killin' it!! Cant wait to see your barn come along!

  4. You made good on a lot of your goals! Yeah, be proud of all you did and good luck in the coming year with all your plans.

  5. You guys had a big 2018 and 2019 I'm sure is full of more great things.