Saturday, October 20, 2018

How to Get a Conformation Photo

While Annie is pretty good about standing (ground) tied, she forever follows me with her head. Trying to get good photos is difficult, because her neck is craned around trying to look at me and see what I'm up to. I've tried to correct it and I've tried throwing things in the opposite direction to get her attention, but it only works until it doesn't.

Never fear though.

I have found the cure all.

*Note: I realize she is still standing awkwardly, in addition to the fact the mats under her are stacked at various heights so it is NOT level ground in the slightest. The photos were just too hilarious to not share! I can also assure readers her front feet are not actually weirdly shaped as the photo is implying. We really need to get some good confo photos on the road :) *

"Smells like something is here...."
-Annie, tentatively scoping out the carrot I so carefully hid.

"Ah yes, here it is.
- Annie, snuffling at the carrot.

"Ooooh, this is a surprise!"
*chew chew chew*

*head desk*


  1. This is adorable! Is it me, or has she gotten more white in her coat? She's looking beautiful!

  2. Hahaha I love this. My horses are the same way re: following with their heads. It's so impossible to get good shots unless they don't know I'm around or the Universe grants me with a brilliant distraction in the distance lol