Monday, October 22, 2018

Famous Last Words

Don't worry, the title is moreso a play on words than it is in having any real meaning.

Basically, N finally ventured back home for the weekend (she's been away for work for a few weeks) and was itching to ride. She messaged me, asking if I'd go with her Thanksgiving Day and being the good friend I am (despite still sore from my lesson with Anthony), I agreed.

She was not enthused.
Driving out to the horses I looked up at the sky and inwardly grumbled as rain drops started to fleck my windshield. I messaged N, letting her know it was beginning to rain pretty heavily in town and she simply responded, "It isn't raining out here."

Now, I'm not a fair weather rider. I can ride in the rain and I can ride in the snow - as evidenced by many a blog posts here. But, with the weather dipping down into the cooler temps and a rainy forecast creeping over the horizon, I was a little leery.

When I got out to the barn I was happy to see the rain had managed to more or less hold off. The light droplets splattered on the tin roof as I tacked up and I messaged N once more, letting her know I was on my way.

Pictured: Not raining, like Nicole said.
Once we met up, as fate would have it, the skies opened up and began to POUR on us. We both kinda just shrugged at that point and continued our ride around the subdivision. Both horses were super well behaved and plugged along sadly, especially when we had to double-back for Ella who had taken the opportunity to say hello to someone outside their home and promptly got lost.

The ride itself was good - it was nice just catching up and hearing about N's work adventures, but I did tease her relentlessly for stating so matter-of-factly it wasn't raining. "Well now it is!" I declared, lifting my arms in the air.

Hilariously enough, the dogs even ditched us near the end of the ride. We typically pass the street my horses are at and instead, split off at the dirt road, which requires me to double back. N was busy telling a story so I went past our usual turn off to the barn and continued riding with her a bit further. At one point I looked back to see both dogs had disappeared - when I got back to the barn they were both waiting in the aisleway where it was dry, haha.

Back at the barn, I stripped tack and hung most of my riding stuff out in the open to drip dry. I'm pretty good at caring for my tack and on that particular day, I was very glad for my wintec jump saddle. I was pretty damn cold, as the rain had soaked through my jacket and sitting atop a horse while they casually stroll isn't the best way to stay warm!

I still finished all my chores, which managed to help me warm up a bit and gave Annie a million treats and her mash before heading home for the rest of the afternoon. I did have to take a very warm bath to re-regulate my body temperature tho!


  1. Fair weather dogs lol - good on you both for continuing to ride on!

  2. oh that is miserable. UGH I hate riding in the rain. HATE :(I can't seem to regulate myself in that kind of damp weather...

    Glad Annie while not enthused was a pro. OH and the dogs. LOL that cracks me up!! OF course they abandoned ship :)

  3. I used to ride in the rain all the time and not bat an eye. Now that I can run out the barn when it stops I'm much more wimpy about it!

  4. LOL I love the gifs.

    My older dog will ditch me in inclement weather, too. Completely cracks me up.

  5. Aw boo for getting caught in the rain - tho it sounds worth it for sure!