Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Off To The BVX

I still have a back-log of posts I need to write, but will be signing off again to head to the BVX like I do every year.

We will be gone from Wednesday - Sunday!

And this year? It's the Potato's turn.

His show name is Fully Loaded.
Kinda fitting I think, haha.
(For those curious, I commissioned this pic and had
intended to put it on T-shirts for the BVX but didn't have enough time).

Wish us luck and pray Annie isn't too upset with me for not bringing her, haha!

(I did intend to write a big long post about why I'm taking Spud and not Annie, but it pretty much just boils down to the fact that it's Spud's turn to go this year. Annie will go again next year. We've done quite a few drives/conditioning, so he is ready to rock and roll!!)


  1. Where did you get that adorable picture? It's so cute.

  2. OMG that photoshop job. I'm dead. Died. Done. Gone. I love him so much.

  3. Ahahahaha that picture is everything!

  4. I am Team Spud all the way so I am excited you are taking him! (Love Annie too but I need a Spudcentric blog post :) HA What is BVX sorry showing my ignorance!!

    Have fun no matter!!

  5. OMG! Can you please make shirts with that on them so we can all buy one?

  6. Have fun! Love the pic so much!