Friday, July 20, 2018

Spud Does Canada Day and Other Things Too!

Poor Spud has been neglected on this blog!

Never fear tho, because the potato pony has been busy being ponied, giving my 5 year old nephew driving lessons, doing some endurance drives, and partaking in our town's Canada Day parade!

He was his usual professional self and didn't even mind my nephew hurtling handfuls of candy from the cart at people alongside the parade route. 

Endurance day with the nephew, who insisted we "go fast, Auntie!"

Heading to the Canada Day parade festivities!

Not only did the pony that was with us in the parade think Spud was
terrifying for pulling a cart, he also thought Spud was EXTRA
terrifying with all the decor hanging off of him, haha. 
My nephew loves this horse - I can't blame him!

Such a good pony, just chilling out while sirens blare and music blasts!

An awkward photo from the parade, haha.

Trying to halt at the last minute for the boyfriend's mom to take a photo.
Unfortunately, both of our timing was off!

Doing a fancy trot bc he's a badass.

The very best boy <3

Probably my favorite entire photo of him ever. Hahaha.

Mr. Professional doing his thing <3

Post-Canada Day endurance drive.
Parents in the subdivision have taken to putting up signs warning
drivers to slow down. It spooked the shit out of Annie. Spud could care less.

Just the happiest of clams!
What a good boy!


  1. WHERE ARE ALL THE MEMES?!?!? I am so disappointed!!! Hahah.

  2. Spud is the coolest most awesome pony of all time! That one photo is my all time favorite too!

  3. I loves him. LOVES!!!. Ugh, he's just too cute with his little fly bonnet.

  4. He is just the cutest boy ever <3! I too would like some memes :P

  5. Spud is the most adorable of ponies. I love that same photo too. He looks so pleased with himself!

  6. The smiley Spud picture is I think my favorite pony pic ever <3

  7. love Spud can we have a I LOVE SPUD Fan club. I will be president or secretary or whatever :) what a great day that looks like it was. Love that your nephew can drive him too!