Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Look Ma, No Reins.

Doesn't she look thrilled.

Like I had alluded in my previous post, I was starting to get a bit burnt out of riding in the ring and Doing The Things. Not that it wasn't fun, because Annie has been working really hard to meet me halfway with my expectations in the ring.

Just, sometimes, the ring is a boring place.

So I took Annie for a little trek around the neighborhood in the snackamore (which is really just Suzie's old leather halter with some reins attached). I am always pretty cautious of over-doing it in the ring, especially because last year thats all we ever did was school. While it didn't seem to burn Annie out, it burnt me out.

Happy ears in the snackamore.
This year, I've decided to take up the opportunity to ride with the variety of trainers that come up to the area and take advantage of the trails we have access to at home.

Still, I do try and get in some solo-schooling, especially because I'd like to retain the things I've learned and to progress on the pieces we put together in the clinics we attend.

Last Thursday, we went out with intentions to school and it was evident both Annie and I were just not into it.

So, mid-schooling session, I tossed my reins aside and decided to just play.

First things first, we tested our brakes.

And then moved on to speed and turning.

And finally, I ponied up and veryyyyy quietly (almost too quietly lol) asked for canter:

I'm sure Annie would've been happy to just trot along lol


  1. Annie is really growing up. You must be so happy.

  2. Sometimes it's nice to just have a moment with your horse. What a fun ride!

  3. how fun and what a good girl she was! YAY:)

  4. What FUN! Such a great idea, too, in order to mix it up.

  5. That is so awesome! I've definitely gotten to that point also, where it's obviously not fun and to just play around. I've ridden my guy bridleless a few times and it really shows you where your weaknesses are!

  6. That's great! She's come a long way. You're right to mix it up a little because we all get bored doing the same thing. Nice work!