Saturday, February 10, 2018

Almost Halfway

My last post kind of left everyone on a cliffhanger, since I didn't really do a post-colic update. Truth be told tho, I was kind of sitting on this one because it feels much like walking under a ladder, or... a black cat crossing my path? We are edging up on one week since the colic episode and I finally feel safe enough to say we've crossed the bridge without any other implications... because horses LOVE to prove us wrong.

Annie has been back to work and has resumed regular training - Trainer K started her back up slow and steady, as to be expected, and the mare has done good. We've altered a few things in her routine so as to potentially eradicate any future tummy troubles, although part of me thinks it wasn't necessarily something we could completely control. Still, it makes me feel better we've taken additional steps to hopefully prevent a reoccurance.

The snow in our backyard - I dug a little spot for the dogs.
She got her shoes reset mid-week and the report back was that she was not so amicable for the first little bit and settled quietly after Trainer K brought a boarder horse over and chucked it in the stall next to where the farrier was working. I'm not really sure what Annie's deal is with the farrier lately, and I am trying not to make excuses for her, but perhaps the new barn/new area shoeing/ weird lights he uses?? The positive thing tho is that she ended up being good, so as per Riding Buddy's direction, I'll try not to dwell on it too much.

This is the snow accumulation outside of Annie's
pen/shelter. A friend had crouched down to take this photo.
In other news, we are solidly approaching the halfway point in training! It seems like she's been gone much, much longer, and a part of me is surprised I still have the remainder of February to go!

Trainer K has been great with keeping me as updated as possible - she isn't really one for technology (and the barn has terrible cellphone reception) so I don't receive long-winded responses or break downs of what they've been working on. Which, is fine. She's a busy lady and like any business person, prefers to have verbal conversations. Texting can cause a multitude of issues, especially if something is misread or misinterpreted.

The radio silence left me a bit neurotic for the first week, but I'm slowly coming to terms with it and taking a page out of Riding Buddy's book of "No news is good news". Though it didn't stop me from conning a few friends who live in the area (and ride) to send photos to keep me sane and quiet.

Annie, and a young girl's horse, Rowdy.
With working 12hr days and having Annie an hour away, it makes it tough to go visit or just "stop in" quickly, especially with the insane snow/ice we've accumulated in the last week. As per the regularly scheduled program when I first sent Annie, my next lesson is on the 18th!

In Spud news - I've been still going out to visit/check up on him since he is still close to home. He seems to have finally made a friend in the alpha of the herd - a cranky 26 year old Quarter Horse gelding. AJ continues to be a Giant Asshole to him tho, so I guess they are only friends during hacks haha. Thankfully, his Giant Assholeism only extends to pinning his ears and not much else.

Spud says, "Get my good side."
It's been weird, not having to go out daily to go chores, feed, etc. And in a way, it's been kind of... nice?  Which almost makes me feel guilty in a way, haha. The weather has been less than ideal (-22C today) and not having to stress over frozen water troughs, blanketing, soaking feed, etc has been a really nice break. I've been able to spend a lot more time with my senior dog Ty, as well as diving head-first into my school work.


  1. Glad to hear that things are going well. Riding Buddy gave great advice.

  2. Glad to hear she's been doing well after giving you a scare last week. Fingers crossed for you that she continues to do well!

  3. Happy to hear she’s doing well. Spud is way too adorable as usual.

  4. Ugh that winter needs to quit already. Glad spud is doing well too - tho that's funny about AJ. My last mare was always terrible to one of her field mates, but then whenever we went anywhere together the two would scream constantly for each other and insisted on being tied together at the trailers. Goofy horses ...

  5. Glad to hear they're doing well! Also that is a LOT of snow! Holy cow.

  6. Halfway there and the other half will fly by! (especially since Feb is such a short month)

  7. I don't know how you live with all that snow and ice! We haven't had it too bad here, though it's been colder than normal much of the winter, and I still am completely over it!
    Glad to hear Annie is feeling better and back to work!
    Don't feel too guilty, it's nice to get a break every so often. You work hard, and definitely deserve it!

  8. I think it sounds nice to not go out in all that snow! It sounds like they're being well-cared for, so that's what matters,

  9. So glad to hear everything is going well. It is SO hard to be okay with the "no news is good news" when your animals are involved! I struggled a lot with that recently when I left the dogs with friends for the first time. It's awesome that you've got friends to help satiate the urges to check-in on her =)

  10. i am glad you are getting a break with someone else taking care of your horses for once, that winter looks terrible i hope it goes a bit before you have to bring the horses home. EEK! And I am so glad Annie is doing well and it is not long till the 18th. :) YAY On another lesson (Hopefully she doesnt lay down in this one LOL)! Stay warm!!