Tuesday, October 31, 2017

SOS: Boot Problems

Alternate title: What the FUCK have I done?

A while back I purchased some Mountain Horse tall boots and I thought "Yay I'm so sophisticated now because I own tall boots and I haven't had any in seven years. I'm like a real rider now or something."

And then I went and wore them and loved them and angels sang.

And then I cleaned them.

(Because I'm not an animal and want my tack to last, obviously.)

With mink oil.

And the fucking boots have this weird grimey stain on them and have lost their shine.

So, I did what any good horse person who loves their tack would do.

I ignored it and pretended it didn't bother me.

Well, I've ridden in them several times since and now I just can't even deal anymore.

What the fuck did I do?!

Can I undo the fuckery I have done?

Please help me. I can hear the leather crying in my boot bag. We've been together through good times, bad times, and an awkward soak in the tub together.

I can't lose them!

Special bonding moment trying to
get these bitches to fit.



  1. Clean with leather cleaner, polish with black boot polish?

  2. Do not panic. Clean and then polish. To polish get the black polish, rub on with a bit of water - rub in circles. As you do a section buff with a piece of soft flannel. It might take a bit but the shine will come back. I used to be in the military reserves and that’s how I polished my boots. I do the same with my tall boots

  3. bahahaha! "an awkward soak in the tub together" lol! I have no help, sorry. I hope someone will have great advice for you. :)

  4. Oooooh yeah mink oil is not for cleaning boots... I would scrub well with actual leather cleaner (saddle soap), then let dry all the way and polish with shoe polish as Teresa suggested. I also like to buff my boots with old nylon pantyhose to really get them shiny. And then stop putting heavy-duty oils on your boots! ;)

    1. Will do - thank you! And yes, I will avoid the mink oil like the plague!

  5. Oh, that stinks... I'm not much help because I just take my cowboy boots to my boot guy and always tell them I don't want any shiny. LOL

  6. sorry but just giggling at the photo of the tub OMG. LOL. I hope you figure it out. Mine look that at most days but they do need cleaning :) HA mine are just ariats nothing fancy but now you are making me realize i need to clean them and not with mink oil :) thanks for the laughs!

  7. You should be able to just polish over that. Give it a good cleaning with a boot cleaner (I like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Meltonian-Purpose-Cleaner-Liquid-Pack/dp/B00XD6P9CM ).

    Then work in a good cream polish (I like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Meltonian-Shoe-Cream-2-Black/dp/B0019N8AFY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1509655305&sr=8-2&keywords=meltonian+black+shoe+polish)

    Once the polish is dry, buff it with a boot brush, and the follow up with a really soft rag or a nylon. They should be just fine!

  8. Yikes! Definitely in the future just use a good leather cream between buffing with boot black.

  9. Oh nooooooo! I hope the suggestions above work for you <3