Thursday, August 3, 2017

July Recap/ August Goals

I swear, I am thiiiiis close to putting up our other show recap post, but am waiting on pictures! So for now you'll just have to be sad and wait, haha!

Snoozing between Dressage tests. Or imagining bucking me off because
Dressage is stoopid!

  • Partake in the Karen Ritchey clinic. See what the take-aways are and have a goal of riding a Training level Dressage test by the end of the lessons. We managed to get into the clinic and have productive rides, as well as riding a Training Level test!
  • Continue to work on the basics - walk, trot, canter, back up, TOH, TOF. We've been plugging along! I need to incorporate more TOH, TOF though.

  • REAL trail ride into the wilderness. Didn't happen. The weekend N and I were supposed to trail ride, I went to the show instead. Maybe this month.

  • Be hot-shod for the first time and don't kill the farrier. Super success! She was very, very good.
  • Work on strengthening the hind end - hills! We've started to add trotting up hills into our work regime!
  • Possible first show (or another Clear Rounds day) - whichever the work schedule allows. Plan for pure exposure and have no expectations going in.  We were able to go to a Percentage Day/Clear Rounds AND a show! The exposure has really helped and I feel like she's going to make such a cool partner.

  • Start to get him going again - the plan is to show him at the BVX at the end of August and I am going to be competing for high point so I need to get my shit together with the potato pony. While I didn't necessarily drive the heck out of him this month, my friend who came up to visit for two weeks did! I mostly ponied Spud.
  • Purchase new driving whip, bucking strap (details to follow >.< ), driving show coat. I have a new whip, still haven't ordered the bucking strap yet and have decided to leave out a new show coat for now.
  • Take him in the Canada Day Parade again (this will be his second time in the parade!). And he was a super star!

  • See if I am able to take him to the monthly Gymkhana for fun. Didn't end up asking, as I was hauling with Annie most of the month.

August Goals

More meat on these bones would be nice... Sigh.
Anyone else perpetually stressed out about their horse's weight?


  • Work on her weight- she seems to bulk up and then wavers. I am experimenting with free feeding without a nibble net tho to see if that is our issue.
  • Trail riding! I am itching to get out into the open wilderness with this mare!
  • Go through some big water - this mare hasn't crossed rivers or anything like that yet!
  • Continue to work on schooling exercises and try to loosen the contact when asking for canter - try out a suggestion Horse Show Buddy gave and see if it makes a difference.
  • Incorporate jumps/poles into riding routine.
Not stressed about his weight, altho we need to get more
conditioning drives in...

  • Log in some Dressage drives. Work on trot lengthenings, tighter canter turns, and having him drop his head and swing his hips at the free walk.
  • Continue legging him up with ponying as well.
  • Go for High Point at BVX :)


  1. Trail riding! Yay! I took my mare out to the mountains in May and she was a rockstar except for those mountain bikes. I'm needing to desensitize her to bicycles more. Most trails out here are multi-use so she's gotta get used to it at some point.

    1. It can be so beneficial to just do some long-mile trekking through the wilderness with a horse! They experience so many things.

  2. Good progress. She looks glossy and well muscled in her haunches. She just may be one of those who are difficult to get weight on (like Irish). You could try adding in some beet pulp or alfalfa.

    1. I actually have her on some extra grain now, which ironically enough includes alfalfa and beet pulp :)

  3. New to your blog...Spud is too cute for words

  4. It's so frustrating when they just won't gain weight. Eugene is like that too.

    1. Gah - so frustrating!! We will get there tho. It looks like she is hitting another growth spurt.

  5. Hope you get the weight thing figured out - she looks really good despite being a hair ribby, though!