Monday, July 10, 2017

SD Bloghop: Lucky Number S(l)even

Thanks to Alaina at Spotted Dressage for this hop! I haven't done one in a long time, so when I saw this pop up in my blog-feed, I just knew I had to partake!

1. Where do your current horses hail from?

Red = Me
Green = Suzie
Blue = Spud
Annie = Purple
Suzie came from a Horse Rescue that I had worked at a few years prior to actually owning her. I fell in love with her at the Rescue and when the opportunity to own her came around, I jumped at the chance.

Spud was purchased from a woman who owned and operated a Petting Zoo/ Pony Ride type barn. The woman owned all sizes and breeds of horses and from the looks of things, enjoyed trail riding and barrel racing. From what I understand, Spud (and his sister) were never used as part of the "zoo".

Annie was purchased from a sale barn based off of a few photos and videos. She was started with 30 days of training and sold as confirmed walk/trot, starting canter and going over poles.

2. What is the #1 'thing' that makes your riding horse(s) unique and enjoyable for you?

Although I don't ride Suzie anymore, and I wouldn't classify her as a riding horse, I just think she is the cutest fucking thing in the world. I miss all the goofy things she would do undersaddle (who would've thought I would miss having her head in my lap on the trail ride home?). More than that though, she is special to me because she is my very first horse.

She also blinks every time I take a damn photo.
Believe it or not, I kinda covered why Annie is a cool customer in my post "Fear". The fact she can sense I am uncertain, and she knows I am nervous, but still does the thing is incredibly heart-warming. It is kind of too early in our relationship to delve any further than that, but the fact that she doesn't cross that line when any other horse would have taken advantage of any weak moment is special to me. 

With Spud - I can't even type enough as to why this guy is my very favorite pony. He is just such a blessing to have in my life, as cheesy as it sounds. His goofy personality, the way he acts all businessman-like when he's hitched, the little neighs he does when I go to the barn every day, the way he cuddles, his no-quit attitude, the fact he is safe for just about anyone... the list could really go on and on.

And while I did not break him to drive, I feel like a lot of the time I put into him has shone thru, and that makes me exceptionally happy. To have a horse that I brought home as a green-bean and develop him into a competitive, sane, and friendly partner is just a beautiful thing.

3. What is the proudest moment you've shared with your riding horse(s) in the past 3 years?

For Suzie, there are two moments that really stick out for me. The last show we ever did, wherein she played hunter pony, and the day I brought her home.

With Spud, I would have to say hands-down his first show. Little guy was on a roll.

Annie - so far my proudest moment with her would be the trailer loading. It seems like I could've chosen a million other things to be proud of, but that whole trailer thing really knocked the wind out of our sails for a while.

4. What have you struggled most with your riding horse(s) in the last 3 years?

Suzie's soundness and well-being. I mean, I realize arthritis is a degenerative condition so it's not like it'll improve, but every since her riding career ended I dread the day I will have to say goodbye to her. It has been on the forefront of my mind, especially with Winter not so very far away...

Spud has been pretty game for everything and a lot of the "issues" he has had have been resolved in a timely manner. He had a small stint wherein he would rear in harness, as well as the random bout of head-shaking he developed last year due to being out in his poll area... but nothing has really been a consistent or constant struggle with him. #it'snothisfaulthe'sperfect

Annie has been mine for 6 months now (wow, where has the time gone?!) and I feel like there will be small struggles here and there as we develop our partnership training-wise. Our biggest hurdle I think is going to be my mental state - it's not just something I've struggled with with riding, but in every day life. My hope is that as we get to know eachother more and partake in more lessons to push those boundaries, I'll learn to trust her more - because the mare certainly deserves it.

5. What type of riding do you do?

I am kind of a jack of all trades, master of none I guess.

With Suzie I dabbled in literally everything and had so much fun.

We mostly just dabble into photos now.
Spud obviously is driven, although part of me would enjoy taking him to a mini show just to do some in-hand jumping.

With Annie, we are still figuring out what she is good at. I think Dressage will be a large part of her "career", but I have plans to do just about everything on her. I doubt she'll be good at everything, but I could see us having a blast at a gymkhana a year from now, or hopping over some small jumps.

6. What are you hoping to accomplish with your riding horse(s) this Summer?

As much as I try not to pre-plan a lot of things, for the sake of things going to Hell in a handbasket:

I have planned a photo-shoot with a talented friend for myself and the horses gang. Most of the pictures, however, will be versed around Suzie. So other than being a retired pony who runs out of the barn limping (to get the grass in the front), she'll be a model.

Spud plans are to drive him more and take him to the BVX again. I still have a small hope to eek out two qualifying drives for the 2018 BC Heritage Games. Finances played a large role in my inability to do so earlier, but I just might be able to do it before the year ends.

Annie has a lot of goals, but most of them are small and may seem insignificant. My biggest goal is to get her to a show (or two) and continue to develop our partnership. I would be lying if I said that was all I had my eyes on, but it would be nice to do a Training Level test at the BVX this year too.

7. What is your next long-term goal with your riding horse(s)?
Suzie - to love her and pamper her until she decides she is ready to cross Rainbow Bridge. And then I will just love her <3

Spud - qualify for the BC Heritage Games. And if I don't do any driving trials this year, I would like to do some next year!

Annie - to take me past the limits of Training Level and 2'3" courses. I've been doing those tests and courses for a large portion of my equestrian "career", and I am ready (and hungry) to learn more.


  1. Wow, 6 months with Annie already!! Soooooz also looks fantastic <3

    1. I can't believe it's already been 6 months!!
      And thank you!! A bit thin, but we are working on it!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think Susie is looking very good. I'm sure you and Annie have formed a bond and will have lots of fun together in the future. And Spud...well he's just adorable all the time.