Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Riding Time/Fitness Survey

I have been wanting to throw this out onto the Blogosphere for a while now, but just hadn't had the time to come up with the questions I wanted to add and how to implement it into a data-analyzing format. I've finally had time to slap it all together and am pleased with the result.

Annie: "NOT ANOTHER ride. Ughhh"
Spud: "Take me instead pls."
Suzie: "I am outta here"

As someone who attempts to micro-manage my time, in hopes of gracing the saddle more often, I've made this particular survey a joint venture. On one hand, it reflects Rider time management as well as availability to ride said Pony. On the other, it is a glimpse at a fitness regime most of us have tailored to our current horses's mental/physical state.

I'll leave the survey up for a month and then garner the data and share it in a more interesting format. But for now, if you could all be so kind as to fill out the simple 9 questions and provide me with any feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it!


  1. I tried to answer based on how things were pre-order/pre Leo's injury since right now the answers to everything are "0" and "none" :p

  2. My answers are not that great because Dante is so young we aren't schooling over fences and our rides are super short.

  3. I answered as well as I could for where we are now. Some of my answers for #type rides per week are very variable but I put in what's typical for us. Will be curious to see results!

  4. Can't wait to see the results!