Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Recap/ July Goals

I actually have several posts to draft up and publish, but life has had a funny way of being busy. Hopefully I'll be able to play catch up sometime this week!

  • Continue to work on walk, trot, canter (both leads), backing up, leg yielding, TOH, TOF, etc.  I admittedly didn't work as much on TOH and TOF, but we worked a lot on that pesky canter lead this month as well as developing her trot.

  • Focus on transitions and don't "dump her" into them. Be present during the ride. I have been pretty good about this, but I have noticed when I get tired from supporting her, I end up dumping her. This goes not only for transitions, but when riding figures in the arena.
  • Incorporate some desensitization, especially with the tarp and continue with fly-spraying. Guess who doesn't try to run away when she gets fly sprayed now? She could care less about tarps.
  • Lunging with the neck-stretcher; light contact that she can work with herself. I used the neck stretcher twice in June and after she had some difficulty figuring out what it was all about, I removed it from our regime for the time being. It started to make her upset, and I didn't want to push it.
  • A "real" trail ride - including crossing water and all that fancy stuff. My riding buddy has been on vacation and other weekends our schedule didn't match up. I also wanted to have Annie shod all the way around before we did a big trail ride (more on that exciting detail later ;) ).
  • Aim to bring Annie out to the Percentage Days mid-June purely for exposure. Other than me sucking as a rider, we did the thing and Annie was really well behaved :)
  • Attempt to incorporate poles into training where possible. (This means the BF will need to make some, lol). Didn't happen. Been to busy with a million other things - poles will play an integral role in our training soon, but we have so much to work on right now that it isn't a huge deal if we skip it right now.

"Maybe if I hide in the flowers, she won't lunge me."
-Spud, most likely.

  • Clip him if possible (pending new clippers, of course). I finally clipped him before the Canada Day (July 1st) parade! He had shed most of his coat out by then, but had some wispy hairs still stuck to his belly.

  • Put in a few Dressage-type drives and continue to up his fitness. Didn't happen. I've been terrible and neglecting him. He got ponied quite a bit this month tho, but it was a busy month for Annie and that is where most of my dedication and time went to. Sorry, Spud.
  • Log in a few longer distance drives - think 10k and higher. He has been ponied 5-6k where he has mostly been trotting so he's ready for it. Unfortunately, no. We managed to do some distance drives, but they weren't very long due to the heat wave we had had at the time.
  • Work with poles if possible (backing through chutes, etc).  Again, no. I sucked at the Spud goals this month. Altho, I did clean his sheath and give him a bath, so that counts right?

July Goals

(public service announcement: I swear I'm not cheating, but some of these goals have already been met, as this blog post was published late).

Bannie, being the best baby <3

  • Partake in the Karen Ritchey clinic. See what the take-aways are and have a goal of riding a Training level Dressage test by the end of the lessons.
  • Continue to work on the basics - walk, trot, canter, back up, TOH, TOF.
  • REAL trail ride into the wilderness.
  • Be hot-shod for the first time and don't kill the farrier.
  • Work on strengthening the hind end - hills!
  • Possible first show (or another Clear Rounds day) - whichever the work schedule allows. Plan for pure exposure and have no expectations going in. 

Spoiler alert; we did the thing.

  • Start to get him going again - the plan is to show him at the BVX at the end of August and I am going to be competing for high point so I need to get my shit together with the potato pony.
  • Purchase new driving whip, bucking strap (details to follow >.< ), driving show coat.
  • Take him in the Canada Day Parade again (this will be his second time in the parade!).
  • See if I am able to take him to the monthly Gymkhana for fun.


  1. A nice recap. I figured you were busy with your 2.5 horses!

    1. It has been insanely busy, but a good busy :) Hope you and Carmen are well.