Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Recap/ June Goals

May Recap
I swear we wear the same thing every
  • Continue to work on trailer loading, slowly but steadily. No pressure, no deadlines. I feel like she will still need some work in this area, especially with the unloading part as she sometimes backs out fast but otherwise I feel pretty confident in this area now!

  • Chiropractic session to see if it helps her right lead stickiness. Chiropractic session is done for this month! That right lead is still a bit evasive, but we are working on it! We will continue with adjustments to make sure things are moving properly like they should be.
  • Continue to up her fitness with hacking out, ring work, and lunging. A lot of the issues we are having undersaddle are (understandably so) from lack of fitness. Don't forget that even hacking on the roads and on trails adds in muscle! Her baby muscles need that, too! Towards the end of this month we've put on more trail riding miles vs ring work, and it's been really delightful. We also started to incorporate trotting on the trails and she was really good about it. No more lunging this month, but will start more lunging in the neck-stretcher a friend lent us.

  • Start to develop rhythm at the trot. We've started to get a rhythm! Obviously, keeping a rhythm is still necessary, lol.
  • Encourage her head to come up more vs curling and retracting and add in some stretching at the walk and trot. We've incorporated "stretchy trot" into almost all of our rides this month! Score.
  • Work on suppleness laterally as well as practicing leg yields, TOH, and TOF. We've started to do leg yielding at the trot and doing TOH and TOF away from the fences.
  • Take her on her first trail ride into the great wilderness of BC ;) I will say this is a partial success. Riding buddy and I tried to go down a different trail but part of it was flooded and it was quite deep so we opted to not go down it. We went for a short trail ride around a trail that surrounds the riding arena.

  • Sell the dressage saddle and trial out the new one (and hopefully buy?!) Nope. I know what I want, now it's a matter of saving up and selling mine first.
  • Continue to work on ground stuff - fly spray, ground exercises, touching ears/nose, lowering poll, etc. Yes! We've been working a lot on this kind of stuff. I got an old tarp earlier this month and will be using it in some exercises later on.
  • IF she is loading, aim to hit up the Anthony clinic for a lesson or two towards the end of the month. This was a no-go. Just didn't have the spare $$ to go into it, since the BF and I are headed to the island to visit my parents.

Spud's version of a little red dress lol

  • Log in 2-3 more distance drives over varied terrain. I'd say this is a partial success. I didn't drive him as long as I would've liked, but we got a few drives in!

  • Start to incorporate more Dressage-aimed drives. Work on flexion and suppleness, especially at at the walk. Was only able to make one drive this month a Dressage drive. Bleh.
  • Buy a new driving whip because mine has grown legs. Will be buying when we go to the island and visit some tack stores.

  • Try out a straight bar bit to combat his weird chomping habit. Didn't have a chance to try it out.
  • Clip him so he doesn't resemble a yak. Need new clippers. The old ones I have just don't cut it anymore, esp since they are dog-clippers.

June Goals

Here's to hoping for more adventures to be had!
  • Continue to work on walk, trot, canter (both leads), backing up, leg yielding, TOH, TOF, etc. 
  • Focus on transitions and don't "dump her" into them. Be present during the ride.
  • Incorporate some desensitization, especially with the tarp and continue with fly-spraying.
  • Lunging with the neck-stretcher; light contact that she can work with herself.
  • A "real" trail ride - including crossing water and all that fancy stuff.
  • Aim to bring Annie out to the Percentage Days mid-June purely for exposure.
  • Attempt to incorporate poles into training where possible. (This means the BF will need to make some, lol).

And here's to more Granny Visits!
  • Clip him if possible (pending new clippers, of course).
  • Put in a few Dressage-type drives and continue to up his fitness.
  • Log in a few longer distance drives - think 10k and higher. He has been ponied 5-6k where he has mostly been trotting so he's ready for it.
  • Work with poles if possible (backing through chutes, etc).


  1. YOu have accomplished a lot! I am impressed with how far you and Annie have come. ONce you sort out the saddle you may find that the canter greatly improves.

  2. That is a lot to accomplish in one month! Awesome :)
    Sounds like a great list of June goals too.