Friday, May 26, 2017

Maps of the Non-Pirate Variety

Last year I downloaded an app reccomended to me by a friend who took up Endurance with her senior Appaloosa gelding. I had wanted to log the hours, miles, and speeds for Spud's fitness journey and to give myself a bit of real-time data to go off of. Why it never occured to me to use it with Annie until now remains a mystery.

Haven't used it in a while, but I found the data
interesting to reflect upon.

The app I use is a freebie from the Apple Store called ''Endomondo''.

It tracks all kinds of cool things like the distance, duration of the ride, your maximum speeds, average speeds, elevation, etc.

I just started to use it towards the end of this month and most of those rides have been trail rides or hacks, but I am going to continue to use it in the ring too. The map portion of the ride might get a little hairy, but it's interesting data to note and it gives me a good idea as to how much time I'm putting into my horses and what kind of exercise they are fit enough for.

An Annie hack.

Same hack as above.
There are some clubs where this information may be useful, as Horse Council BC has a devoted program to those who primarily want to log riding (or driving) miles on their horses. There are neat little incentives to the program, including little prizes at certain hour markers. I am not enrolled in the program, but it is pretty neat.

While I am not necessarily logging the miles for prizes (or to see how far we could get around the world like Ms B over at Project Gingersnap), it is good information to know.

A Spud ride from last year - note the
max speed. This little guy can boogie!
I hope to use it quite a bit more and maybe even work out an excel spreadsheet with all the information and somehow make it relevant and informative. For now, I keep it as a marker of what we've been up to and what we've done.

I honestly haven't played around with the app much other than pressing the ''GO'' button, so I'm curious if I can add commentary, such as if it was an Annie or Spud hack (despite the obvious différences I am sure lol) and if Spud was being ponied or whatever.

Small ramblings, but interesting nontheless!


  1. ooh fun! i used an app for a while that was specifically designed for horses - and you could create a 'barn' of horses that each had their own profile, so they could each have their rides logged separately. there were also note sections for documenting conditions or weather or whatever. it was pretty cool. the gps was glitchy tho so it would sometimes mess up the map, distance, and speed. still, tho, it's super fun to have that info!

  2. I really need to download this app! I have been looking for something to start tracking endurance conditioning-type rides for Ruby (not that I really ever have time for those lol) but it would be helpful for me to actually log how much I'm working Cinna too. Timely post for sure!

  3. So glad it's working for you! I use it for everything - from training rides to ring work (and now when I hike with Mulder). MSG me you username on Endo! You can connect your profile with friends.