Monday, May 1, 2017

April Recap/ May Goals

April Recap

#sorrynotsorry but I am obsessed with her

  • Work on trailer loading - patience, consistency, and lots of treats!  We did a lot of practice this month, and our process has been slow but steady. She is still not loading, but with patience and persistence I think we can knock this goal out of the park!
  • Give her her first bath of the year - weather permitting. She was able to be bathed without incident (yay), and has been hosed off a few times since then as well.
  • If trailering stuff is going well, take a lesson or two and partake in Percentage Days at the end of the month. Unfortuantely, we are still not road-worthy, so we have had to sit out on the schooling show and percentage days.
  • Hack to the outdoor arena and work on lunging. Yup! We've hacked a few times to the outdoor and have lunged as well!
  • Continue to work on desensitization with fly spray, farrier handling, etc.  We did a lot of ground work and desensitization work this month - I even introduced her to the clippers!
  • Purchase a shorter girth for both saddles. So far have a new girth for the Dressage saddle.
  • Start her on Canpressco oil (when it arrives). She has been on the oïl (and Suzie) for about 2.5 weeks now. I'll review it once we finish the jug.
  • BE FAIR. Anything she does (aside from bucking, kicking, biting and rearing) is AMAZING. TELL HER SHE'S AMAZING. I feel like this goal is what I am most pleased about. I've taken the pressure off, I've stopped taking things personally, I've stopped getting mad at her for not knowing or understanding things... it's been so much easier on both of us.

Two of my favorite guys.

  • Continue to leg him up; lunging, ponying from Annie (may not happen just yet). We managed to get a few drives in and have done quite a bit of ponying from Annie (who is super solid about it... which is weird for a baby).
  • First bath and possible clip (he hasn't started to shed yet.) Yup!

May Goals
From a hacking ride a few nights ago.
Note my mounting block, lol

  • Continue to work on trailer loading, slowly but steadily. No pressure, no deadlines.
  • Chiropractic sesion to see if it helps her right lead stickiness.
  • Continue to up her fitness with hacking out, ring work, and lunging. A lot of the issues we are having undersaddle are (understandably so) from lack of fitness. Don't forget that even hacking on the roads and on trails adds in muscle! Her baby muscles need that, too!
  • Start to develop rythmn at the trot.
  • Encourage her head to come up more vs curling and retracting and add in some stretching at the walk and trot.
  • Work on suppleness laterally as well as practicing leg yields, TOH, and TOF.
  • Take her on her first trail ride into the great wilderness of BC ;)
  • Sell the dressage saddle and trial out the new one (and hopefully buy?!)
  • Continue to work on ground stuff - fly spray, ground exercises, touching ears/nose, lowering poll, etc.
  • IF she is loading, aim to hit up the Anthony clinic for a lesson or two towards the end of the month.

More schooling = more fancy outfit days

  • Log in 2-3 more distance drives over varied terrain.
  • Start to incorporate more Dressage-aimed drives. Work on flexion and suppleness, especially at at the walk.
  • Buy a new driving whip because mine has grown legs.
  • Try out a straight bar bit to combat his weird chomping habit.
  • Clip him so he doesn't resemble a yak.


  1. Gah I love Spud.

    Good job crushin' these goals!

    What is Canpressco oil?!

    1. Everyone loves Spud - that is part of his allure lol!

      Canpressco comes from the camlina seed and is manufactored in Canada. It carries a ton of really cool properties - more than I can list out and type about haha. I strongly reccomend you visit to see exactly what the product has and what it does :)

  2. Sounds like a good set of goals. I hope the trailering gets resolved soon.

    1. Thanks, Olivia :) Your support means a lot!

  3. I love Spud too. Annie and you are coming along nicely.

    1. Thank you :)
      You have been really helpful this past month to me and Annie!

  4. Lots of great goals!! And so awesome to hear that it's getting so much easier so meet Annie where she is in her training!!

    1. We are chipping away at it! It can be difficult to sometimes know what to do or what to work on, esp with a Young or green horse but we are getting there slowly but surely!