Friday, April 21, 2017

Come Drive 7.8k with Spud

Since Monday was a holiday I figured why not hook Spud up and put in a good distance drive! The trails where the horses are, are usually a bit flooded or don't have super ideal footing for anything above a walk, so I opted to haul Pony into town.

I use an app called "Endomondo" for
anyone looking for a decent app for a
decent price (free!).
I parked the truck and trailer at home and got Spud all harnessed and hitched - I think news travelled fast through town because A LOT of traffic went through our street... most of it to slow down and stare at Spud and me. Awwwwkward.

We set off just after 2 in the afternoon and I was a bit delayed in starting the tracker, so it might look a bit weird and the distances/times may be off by about 5 minutes at the most. And the overabundance lines at KM 1 was because I was waiting for my nephew, who joined me for the remainder of the ride.

Waiting for the nephew to join.
From our starting position, we ended up heading back towards the House but instead of cutting down to our place, we went down a sidewalk and through some woods and across an open meadow where we cantered. Long-time readers may remember this meadow that Suzie and I used to school in when she was boarded in town, or when I hauled Spud and Suzie in to ride there because the outdoor arena still had snow.

We crossed the road, up a street, and deeked in behind the Boy's mom's place to a dirt road and followed down that (is between KM 2 and 3 on the map):

Popped off onto the road...

Hung a right, and followed down some quad trails:

Went through some water and came to a "T" in the dirt road (KM 4). Headed up right, back towards town:

The dirt road spit us back out in town and we continued on our merry-way on the side-walks back to the house:

And onwards we marched:

And finally,


  1. Such a good pony. I hope that he enjoyed it as much as you.

  2. What a journey! Those quad trails must have been a bumpy ride in a cart. That looks like so much fun!

    1. A few spots were pretty bumpy, mostly because of the mud that had dried and hardened. But otherwise it was pretty good!

  3. This post made me miss driving.

    1. I'm sure you could find a horse to borrow ;)