Wednesday, March 8, 2017

TAAHH Blog Hop: Blog Name Game

 Some may notice I have recently changed the name of my blog - it wasn't my first choice and due to some personal circumstances, I wasn't able to forewarn my followers in advance of the changes. As such, I thought it would be interesting to do a hop about the blog names people have chosen and why.

Onto the point of this hop:

What is the reason/ story behind your blog name?

Those of you may have previously known me as That Red Mare - which is what my initial blog name was when I first began blogging back in 2013. As the name suggests, it was a nod towards my current mount and her fiery coat personality.

The very best mare.
 And then I got this little guy:

And I was like "It's okay because he is kind of a red-head (and a mare) by extension."

So the name stayed.

But, things have changed yet again.

Notice that she isn't red.
My herd has expanded (and deflated slightly over the years with lease horses) and my life has changed in such an exciting way. Needless to say, I came to the realization that a name change which included all of my equines would a more appropriate choice.

I hemmed and hawed for two days over what I would rename my blog and finally settled on a bit of wordplay and "Two and a Half Horses" was born. The irony being that I own two full sized mounts and one pint-sized wanna be horse (sidenote: I don't know that I needed to explain that...).


  1. I like the new name! I chose mine because Andalusian's are dancing horses. :)

  2. Suzie and Annie are great, but Spud's stolen my heart so I'm glad he's part of your new name!

  3. i like the new name too!!! i didn't own my horse when starting my blog so i ultimately went with something that describes me instead of isabel even tho she was the star of the show. luckily the descriptor still fits me (haha ahh... yea....) even with the change of horses...

  4. I like your new name. I've though about changing mine, but I think it's how people know me although if my blog name referenced mules, that'd probably help.

  5. It is a good change, although I am pretty sure Spud deserves his own special blog title! (I <3 that little potato!)

  6. I had a laugh at the new blog name because it reminds me of my running joke at home. I have either one and a half horses or two half-horses, depending on how you look at it. JR is a long term free lease so he's not legally mine even though I've had him for five years and he hasn't seen his owner in two. And Ozzy is... well... not a real horse.