Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Gift for Annie

Some on my social media accounts may have already gotten the scoop, but I wanted to write a post here reflecting my thoughts and feelings.

As much as horse-people are, well, horse-people, I am constantly amazed at the support and love we have for one another. Friends are certainly a'plenty in this scene, but it takes a seriously good friend to really know all about your horsey trials and tribulations.

Horse friends are the best kind of friends.
To be there for one another when things hit a low spot, and to be beaming with pride when you hit that high note, it all just comes full circle sometimes.

Some of my blog-followers may remember me mentioning Spotted Dressage on this blog several times. Not only has she been an ear to my Suzie-situation, but she has also provided her expertise (in terms of kinesio taping) for my mare.

Previously, she gifted Suzie and I with a beautiful bridle (which Annie now wears) and yet again, she managed to sneak one past me and surprise me all over again.

When I got home last Thursday, a package was sitting in the kitchen and I tore into it like a kid on Christmas, wondering what the heck Alaina had sent me! I was pleasantly surprised to see not only a halter in Annie's chosen color (this is literally the only purple thing I have for her because I am cheap, lol), but it that it was so meticulously personalized. While I realize most Western-folk go for the bronc nose-bands, I find it kind of endearing and fitting for her face.

So once again, thank you Alaina for the gift. It is something I will surely treasure.

As a sidenote:

Spud is jealous and wants his own - an ocean blue one with "Potato" stamped across the nose.


  1. What an awesome and thoughtful gift.

  2. aw that is so sweet! great colors for Annie too!!

  3. I love it! That is a keeper of a friend. Spud does not look too terribly amused, ha!

  4. It looks beautiful on her. What a thoughtful gift for you both. Horse friends are the best!

  5. Gorgeous! Although, sorry, but Spud wore it better. ;)

  6. What a wonderful gift! So meaningful. And as a "western-folk," I 100% approve of the bronc nose!

  7. So glad you love it! While you've had countless great horsey-things happen, you've had some seriously shitty luck over the years and i'm so beyond happy that you have found Annie - You're doing a fabulous job with her, and you deserve it!