Thursday, October 6, 2016

A to Z: October Thoughts

Taking this from the mastermind behind Project Gingersnap.

Taking long walks with these two seem to help my sanity.
(The grey on Suzie's leg is Sore No More
from the night before).
Alleviating: pressure off of myself (well, trying to).
Buying: a rainsheet and stable sheet for Spud, a poo fork, wormer, driving reins, and a few other things...
Craving: cheesecake
Dreaming: of my future barn
Eating: banana and strawberry smoothies

Go away ugly knee.
Fearing: Suzie's old age and her fucking arthritis-ridden knee
Guessing: I'll need to blanket the horses soon
Helping: friend's paint their new place
Improving: my eating habits
Juggling: life responsibilities (aren't we all?)
Kissing: the SO and all my pets; missed them to the moon and back!
Learning: about my new job - roles and responsibilities.
Making: homemade spaghetti sauce
Needing: a billion dollars

Also celebrating this guys 12th birthday.

Ordering: Jamie's Christmas gift
Planning: for school upgrades
Questioning: my own sanity at times
Reading: hazard analysis' and management practices
Splitting/Stacking: an endless pile of wood.
Taking: time each day to complete a 30 day squat challenge. Help me pls.
Understanding: that things will eventually come together - it all takes time.

She looks fabulous for 23.
 Visiting: family and friends
Wishing: Suzie wasn't broken :/
Xeroxing: information regarding school
Yearning: for some motivation
Zipping: up my jacket because it's damn cold here!!


  1. I like them all! Great pictures too and Happy Birthday sweet boy.

  2. Already cool there?!
    I'm so sorry about Suzie. I can tell how much it hurts.

  3. I too am needing a billion dollars. Even a million would be nice!

  4. I basically question my sanity constantly too. Some things are better off left unknown tho!!! ;)

  5. I know you have to be happy to be home!