Sunday, September 25, 2016

Semi-Silent Sunday

I was wrangled into staying another week for work, so nothing new to report with the horses or any entertaining stories (unless you want to hear me whining about how it's been 27 days since I last saw my pets and SO).

So, in the spirit of still being stuck at work, I thought I'd share some photos that I have snapped while being here (and to also show that I am still alive... mostly).

Young doe.

Sow grizzly with her three cubs.

Young boar grizz - he sat and watched us for a long while.

Young boar grizzly, prior to sitting.

Large boar grizzly - we were standing on top of a bridge
and he was just below us.

Boar grizzly, stalking the river for salmon.

Grizz tracks.

A little bit of a pink sunset.

Sow grizz and her cub.

Large fawn (her mother was just to the left of her).
Halfway down to the beach.
Very large boar grizzly - he was pretty dominant when we drove up.

Seals hanging out by the dock.

Mature doe.


  1. Too bad you're stuck there for another week. But it's a gorgeous place. Love all your photos. Little too close for comfort with the grizzlies for me. Especially, with the mama bear and cubs. Like the one looking over his shoulder. Be careful! This week will fly by.

    1. It is almost over - just one day left, thankfully. (I go home Tuesday).

      That one grizz in particular was pretty darn close, but thankfully the truck was just behind us.

  2. Oh wow incredible photos - if nothing else it's gorgeous scenery. Hopefully the time flies before you can come home!!!

    1. Thank you!
      It is pretty beautiful, that's for sure!

  3. Very pretty pictures. Sorry about the extra week, but you'll be home soon.

  4. Wow! At least you get an amazing view when you're away from home. I would crap my pants if I saw a grizzly hahah

  5. Nope. Just nope. Way too close to the bears for me!

    1. I do have a zoom lens ;)

      But yes, they were quite close regardless.

  6. Oh wow! Those pictures are amazing! Supposedly we have bears in OK, but I have my doubts... I relish a bear sighting when I'm in CO, so I'm jealous that you get to see so many.

  7. Hey Cathryn!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting an equestrian blogger contest and you've been nominated!

    Here's the post with the details:

    Let me know if you accept the nomination, I hope you do!! Please e-mail me at to accept!

    Don't forget to spread the word about it! :)

    Aryelle Stafford

    1. Excellent!!

      I am so excited :) Will email you shortly.

  8. Gorgeous pictures, it's so beautiful there!