Sunday, September 25, 2016

Semi-Silent Sunday

I was wrangled into staying another week for work, so nothing new to report with the horses or any entertaining stories (unless you want to hear me whining about how it's been 27 days since I last saw my pets and SO).

So, in the spirit of still being stuck at work, I thought I'd share some photos that I have snapped while being here (and to also show that I am still alive... mostly).

Young doe.

Sow grizzly with her three cubs.

Young boar grizz - he sat and watched us for a long while.

Young boar grizzly, prior to sitting.

Large boar grizzly - we were standing on top of a bridge
and he was just below us.

Boar grizzly, stalking the river for salmon.

Grizz tracks.

A little bit of a pink sunset.

Sow grizz and her cub.

Large fawn (her mother was just to the left of her).
Halfway down to the beach.
Very large boar grizzly - he was pretty dominant when we drove up.

Seals hanging out by the dock.

Mature doe.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Gotcha-versary and 7th Birthday, Spud.

Today marks two years since I impulse-purchased Spud and took a leap of faith in both a horse and trainer I had never met. You hear all kinds of horror stories from purchasing horses sight unseen, or even just sans vet check, but my story turned out pretty darn awesome. It wouldn't work for every situation, and I certainly do not deem it appropriate for every situation, but sometimes you have to just buy the damn horse.

And buy the horse I did.
 I was initially going to do a big write-up on Spud and the changes he's made, but I feel as though my previous post, "Metamorphasis of Spud", really hit the nail on the head. So instead of rehashing old ideas and thoughts, I thought a massive media-dump would be appropriate.

But before that, I wanted to remind everyone about Spud's history. If you haven't already read that post, I encourage you to. If you just want to get to the photos I will do a tl;dr version: Previous Owner purchased him and his full-sister from a cattle auction. P.O spent time ground-driving him before listing him up on the classifieds for $700. Driving Trainer who had been helping me to find a horse encouraged me to purchase him. Aaaand, I did. Driving Trainer put 2 months on him and then he came home.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

(Seriously, this is a HUGE photo spam. Sorrynotsorry.).

Learning to become a proper driving pon pon.

First drive with a passenger.

First time I actually met him.

First drive.

Lay-over stop on our way back home.

Him and the Mrs.

First drive at home!

First awkward and terrible family photo.

Running amuck with Suzie in Winter 2014.

Roxy riding him.

That time I brought him inside.

Making love and friends, with AJ.

Our first drive at the indoor, wherein he
met a rather curious Warmblood.

Those speckles <3

Synchronized cantering.

Our second gymkhana.

Winter 2015.

That time they had some serious matching game.

The first ride in the new trailer!

His tail... OMG.

Looking less and less like a potato.

Endurance-type drives this year.

Escape-artist extraordinaire.

Second clinic we ever did.

Our first show <3

Learning to lay down.

The festival of lights - Spud cheesin it.

Size comparison at the BVX 2016

More of our first show.
The Light Festival.

On to more adventures with this sweet guy.

The future looks promising and I cannot wait to see where it leads us - this is just the beginning.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

It's Saturday night and I have 3 days left at this construction project, and I'm trying to keep myself busy so the days continue to pass quickly. This post has turned into somewhat of a blog-hop, thanks to L Williams over at Viva Carlos.

Waiting for time to pass, be like...
So thank you for the entertaining content, L - and the opportunity to share a billion gifs.

I'm happiest when... those around me are happy ... Especially If... it includes an exciting adventure together.

I've always wanted to... visit Egypt, raise a foal from the ground up, have my horses in my backyard, bet on a horse race, and go back to Maderia, Portugal.

My family and I... all have the same dark humor.

What situation isn't improved by making
racy jokes?
 I was a terrible... secret-keeper when I was younger.

My first job was... at a newspaper place. I used to stuff newspapers with flyers every week and was paid $7 an hour.

I could probably eat massive quantities of spaghetti everyday

I stole... a 30lb bag of grass seed because I purposely didn't remind the cashier it was under the cart #doesthismakemeabadperson?

I was born on the same day as ...  Leonardo DiCaprio (Nov 11)

My all time favorite movie is... do I have to pick only one?! I'm hopelessly in love with movies like The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians.

Sarabi is a bad bitch.
I do a pretty mean... I actually suck at impersonations. I've been told I am pretty good at sounding like a nasally female Dr at our local ER, though.

I'm still mad... that I've never won the lottery.

I met my SO at.. my parent's house when I lived there. He is my brother's best friend (oops).

I always knew I wanted a .. dog. And rats. And horses.

I'm not afraid to... try new things.

I make the best... Apple Pie!

I have almost no... drive to chase after drama anymore.

I always cry when.. an animal in a movie dies (ask me about the time I was forced to watch Hatchi), it's going to be a long (or forever) goodbye, when I'm tired/frustrated, when I feel overwhelmed... so like... all the time.

I'm (now) a Construction Safety Officer/Supervisor  but I think... I'm ready to retire and just play ponies.

I spent 5 years... in Tae-Kwon-Do classes. I broke wooden boards with my feet.

I wish my folks... didn't move away.

At 5 I was deeply in love with... the movie 101 Dalmatians and wanted to have 101 dogs.

I believe if everyone... took the time to do at least one good deed the world would be a better place.

I can't stand... the hustle and bustle of the city.

Whenever a survival show like Naked and Afraid ... is on I'll watch it.