Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Snapshots

It has been stifling hot the last few weeks, so I haven't had much motivation to get out and work the horses. Still, I have managed to take Spud driving a few times, lunging, and clipped him.

I don't have much else to say, so enjoy the following photos:

Mad mare - err'day, all day.

I managed to clip Spud's neck (you can see the subtle color change), but then my blades died and I had to wait for Amazon to rush me a new set before I could continue and finish. I had also received my cheap $15 eBay cable halter that same day, so it was fun to play dress up.

Winking at all the fillies out there ;)
 After a short two day rush order, I was able to finish up and clip the remainder of him. I am hoping he grows back a wee bit of hair, because I fucking suck at clipping and he's full of lines... lol. Looking at him from far away you can't tell, but right up close you can see how shitty he looks. He has a whole five days to groooooowwww some coat back, so everyone do a hair-growing dance!

Again, before.
And After.

As a final note, I'm selling my Bates Innova dressage saddle. So if you are interested (or know of someone interested, shoot me a message at misstiki2 at hotmail dot com).

Here is the ad that divulges all the necessary info:

This fabulously cared for saddle features:
- Deep and open 17.5" seat (size 1)
- Extended Contourblocs
- Interchangeable Gullet System (Will come with your choice of gullet installed).
- Short Flap (16")
- Luxe Leather with CAIR.
- Adjustable Y-girthing
- Adjustable stirrup bars

Saddle will come with:
- Original literature
- Wintec/Bates Saddle Gullet Measuring Tool
- Gullet of your choice installed
- Complete (and brand new!) CAIR Panel Insert System
- Original Bates Fleece Saddle Cover
- Additional screws, etc.

This saddle is fabulous, especially for the short-legged rider. Unforunately, my mare is now retired from riding and I no longer am using it.

Please note, the saddle is missing one of the Bates "buttons" by the pommel, but it does not detract from it's beauty or usefulness.

Shipping at buyer's expense, trails are welcome with full payment.

Located in Kitimat, BC (Canada).
Asking $1800(CAD), roughly $1300(USD).

Saddle is from a non-smoking home and has always been stored indoors.

If you want to see additional photos, please send me a message.


  1. I laughed at the 'mare face' photos. Spud is as adorable as always. it's a lovely saddle, are you sure you want to sell it?

    1. Mare face, indeed!
      And thank you :)

      And yes, I am sure I want to sell it. It doesn't fit me as well as a dressage saddle should - the blocks are just too big.

  2. Spud looks mighty handsome! I've heard it said that the difference between a good clip job and a bad one is about a week. So he will probably be looking just fine for the show ;)

    1. Haha!

      He did have a bit of clipper tracks left over for the show, but no one seemed to notice.

  3. Love the mare face photos! I can't see any lines on Spud but I will hair dance for you ;)

  4. "Winking at all the fillies out there."
    Gah, he's such a lady killer! ;)