Thursday, August 11, 2016


I'm going to hold off on blogging about the wedding and the cute wedding pony pictures of Spud, mostly because I am waiting for the professional photographer to have all the images up and loaded (which may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks). So, I apologize that all you guys got was a little teaser. But, this should make you have ants in your pants, regardless!

Sorry, lots of things are scratched out because... creepers.
Spud is officially entered in his first show - the famous BVX wherein I showed Tally in 2014, and Suzie in 2015. The entire fair has a multitude of classes and the turn out is second to none. It's the perfect place to debut for a first show and is just the right mixture of "who cares if you missed that jump" and competitive edge. I can appreciate that it's a "bigger little" show, especially for the driving portion.

I had intended to show Spud in the Driving division last year at the BVX, but just didn't feel like he was ready yet. This year, it has felt like he has totally grown into himself and learned how to truly move and communicate with me. I'm both excited, and expectant at this show - hoping we both learn a lot and at least go around and not look like complete idiots.

Fat, wet, Halter pony.
 In order to prepare for the show, I've already splurged on a few necessities such as: a lap apron (finally!), brown gloves (finally!), a full body slinky made by a friend (because holy shit, the show is in 2 weeks and NO WHERE sells full body slinkies for minis except for in AUSTRALIA), a cheap cable halter (because I honestly ain't spending $200 for one class).

The show also has a cute little incentive to encourage stall decorating during the exhibition (because there is a lot more going on than just a horse show... it's rodeo, trainers challenge, singers, dancers, 4-h, petting zoos, shop set-ups, carnival rides, dog agility competition, fruit and vege competitions, magic shows, etc. So the horses are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, and the stall decorating makes the venue look more family-friendly and homey. Anyways, there are stall decorating judges who go around and basically hand out $100 cash to two people every day (the fair is 4 days long) for the best decorated stalls.

This year's decorating theme and theme of the fair is "Going Hog Wild" and I've already had a few ideas swirling in my head. A single pay-out would pay for my stall entries for the four days - sweet!

Starting to get some of it ready...
There shall be more pigs!!
In addition to the stall decorating, I have to come up with a classy but cute Halter outfit for when we are in the ring. I have some ideas, and don't want to go too overboard either, but I do want him to look good.

The show is August 24th-28th and most people haul over on the 23rd since Halter classes and some Dressage classes run on the Thursday. The Saturday is when the Driving classes will be taking place.

I am pretty excited and am confident Spud will do well - we've already done pony rides at a children's birthday party (slightly broke mini goes to a diagnosed autistic boy's birthday and completely rocks it? Yup, that's Spud), survived the Canada Day Parade, and now have hustled through a Wedding without even breaking a sweat.

Oh and also that time I forgot to put his crouper on...
*head desk*
 He's used to the chaos I throw at him, the show should just be a walk in the park - especially the "solo" classes (ie. dressage, barrels, cones... the classes we will be alone in the arena for).

Gearing up for this event is going to be insane - I'm glad for the distraction, and I am excited to debut Spud to see just what he is capable of.


  1. You should put a pig in a photo of you and Spud driving and use it as part of the decoration! :)

  2. I love stall decoration contests, yay how exciting! Be sure to get lots of pictures of you and Spud at this show :) You'll do fantastic

  3. This sounds exciting and fun! I'm sure you'll do well. Hope you win the stall decoration challenge. Like what you've got so far. Good luck!

  4. Spud is going to do great! Can't wait to see those wedding pics :)

  5. I loved the bvx the couple of years I was there and love revisiting it virtually through your blog. Enjoy :)

  6. Gah. Everytime I see Spud I want a driving mini!

  7. I can't wait to see wedding pics!

    You guys are going to do amazing at the fair. And $100 for a cute stall?! Heck ya!!

  8. oh man it sounds like so much fun - Spud's gonna do great!

  9. Oooo can't wait for photos! Wedding photos and Spud kicking butt photos!