Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Suzie's Chiropractic/Massage Revisit

At the time of Suzie's first appointment, both practitioners wanted to make a secondary appointment right away. This was namely due to the fact that the Massage Therapist (MT) and Chiro figured she'd need another work-over and adjustment. We set the date for the following Sunday, which was a few days ago.

After her first adjustment I was instructed to ride her to see how she did and if she worked well or not. I wasn't able to ride on Tuesday, so I rode on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Suzie was not sound past the walk and she did not work out of it. Despite still being off, she was quite chipper and literally sweated her ass off with excitement. I was joking with a friend that it looked like I had worked the crud out of her instead of a few laps of trot and a few steps of canter.

She literally sweat from the excitement of being out again.
To say that I felt down and upset would be an understatement - like I said in my previous post, I have a difficult time waiting for results and I am a huge second-guesser if I do not see any kind of changes immediately. Truth be told, Suzie has shown results and I need to realize that although they are small, it's progress in the right direction.

I called the Chiro the next morning and explained my worries and I cut to the chase in asking him if he thinks Suzie should see a Vet or not. His reply, in basic terms was, "Well, Suzie had some significant adjustments made and she was pretty fucked up." (Spoiler: He didn't actually say fucked up).

Since Suz was still lame, my friend and I let the
bronies play.
Truth be told, the severity of Suzie's adjustments wasn't necessarily discussed, although it was implied. Still it was oddly comforting to hear that Suzie was quite mangled and that my expectation for her to be 100% sound was a bit outlandish. I didn't feel so.... crazy. At the end of the phone call, it was decided to leave Suzie be until the next appointment and take it from there.

On Sunday morning I hitched up and trailered Suz and a friend's horse out to the Fairgrounds in the next town. I lunged Suz quickly for the MT to assess and Suz was certainly a lot better than previous days and we noticed she had some right shoulder tightness. Suz was worked over by the MT for about 45 minutes, wherein she released quite a bit and really enjoyed having her right shoulder worked over. The MT found that Suz was quite tight in her scapulas, although it was much better considering this spot had been previously worked on.

Getting a massage.
Once the massage was finished, the Chiro showed up and I walked and trotted Suzie out for him to assess. Right away, Chiro saw that her hip was back out a bit - it wasn't as bad as it had been previously, but it was still out. He re-adjusted her SI joint, double checked her spine and neck (neither spots needed adjustments). There wasn't much to adjust, which made me quite hopeful.

After the appointments, we had to drop my friend's gelding off at his new boarding arrangements before hauling back home. I've had a glimmer of the silver lining we are trying to reach, as when I turned Suzie out with Spud, she trotted several steps and was 100% sound. I wanted to give her the ability to let the massage and chiro work sink in, so I didn't do anything with her on Monday and as of right now, we have a rainfall warning (50mm+) so riding is a no go.

Hopefully I'll be able to ride sometime this week once the rain finishes...


  1. Any progress is good! She looks like she was really enjoying that massage.

  2. Fingers crossed that she's still feeling better!

    1. If I keep my fingers crossed any longer they'll stay that way! LOL

  3. I'm so glad she's improving!

  4. Fingers crossed. Glad you are seeing improvements.

  5. So happy you are feeling more confident about her improvements. I;m sure there are more to follow!

  6. So happy to hear that she's starting to improve!

  7. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates and that Suzie continues to improve!