Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3/3 Dressage Rides Complete

Since it's been over a week now since Suzie colicked, I felt confident to start riding her again.

Nothing really exciting has happened in those rides; we are slowly working up fitness, but more importantly suppleness and elasticity. In the first ride on Monday, I focused on rhythm and balance - Suzie started out a bit stiff but worked out of it, which was nice. Incorporating leg yielding, turn on the haunch/forehand and such was beneficial in this aspect.

Day 1.
Don't ask why she is standing camped out like that...

There was mild excitement when we went to leave the community grounds and Suzie turned into an Arabian and sat her head in my lap for the first three minutes heading home... Thankfully it was short-lived and our cool-out walk home was uneventful.

Day 2.
And yes, that is my A/P pad, lol.

On Tuesday I didn't have time to hack over to the grounds, so I decided to ride in the back paddock. It isn't very roomy, so it made it a bit difficult to school effectively and appropriately, but I made it work. Despite the fact we didn't have much room, I took advantage of that fact and worked on a million transitions wherein Suzie porpoised herself with every "up" transition. Thanks, mare.

So nice

Very nice.

Not nice...

I honestly left that ride feeling a little discouraged, but we did have some excellent moments, as show-cased in the following video. So, we are doing things right and we still have some tweaking to go before it'll be perfect. She still slugs behind the leg in the trot, but with more fitness and whatnot, she'll get there.

Media from Ride #2

Finally, I rode today after driving Spud and Suz was pretty good - very amicable in the bridle but got very, very heavy in the hands near the end of the ride. It was to be expected, as these are the first "real rides" we've had of the season, so I'm certain some muscles are sore and such.

Tomorrow  Suzie will have a day off, and this weekend I'll be trailering out to a friend's place and overnighting with the horses.

Other than that, I'm exhausted from hiking the dogs all week, house-work, Spring cleaning, etc etc.... and have nothing else to add... enjoy the videos and pictures lol.


  1. Even when she is naughty, she is still pretty dang cute! Love that bridle on her too!

    1. I think her cuteness explodes tenfold because she's old LOL.

      And thank you - I really like it on her !

  2. aw looks like she's settling right back into the work without missing a beat after the colic scare!

    1. She really is! Aside from being stiff, she's done well.

  3. So glad you guys are back to work!

  4. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on that bridle!!

  5. Looks like some great rides. And such beautiful property!