Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Hacking in Halters is a Bad Idea

Finally got the nameplate and assembled it
onto the halter.
I put two rides on my mare before the disgusting downpour of rain foiled my plans to continue tack-walking and hacking out. (As a side-note, the anniversary of Snowmaggedon is fast approaching... I'm realllly hoping we escape the whole snow thing).

I figured since we wouldn't be doing much more than walking and some mild trotting, that sticking her in a halter would be a nicer option as opposed to a bit in her mouth. I figured that a nice jaunt through the streets wouldn't require a bit. I figured it would be more pleasant.

I was not only wrong, but really, really wrong.

Mare was fresh from the start and walked off with a head bob that would make Saddlebred's ashamed and a high-stepping action that would cause even the best Hackney's to cry. I took the forward impulsion with open arms, but instantly regretted it when Suzie began viciously head-tossing and snorting.

Crocodile tears, Mr. Hackney horse!

Of course, the fact she was in a halter did nothing for my non-existant breaks and I dealt with Suzie's head in my lap on more than one occasion. I vowed that the next time I rode, Suzie would be in a proper bridle-situation.

The next day, a friend drove Spud and I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to get Suzie really aquianted with the cart since I hadn't really hacked her out beside him while he drove. Sensing the perfect opportunity, I hand-walked her alongside Spud and after five dreary minutes, I realized that she was 100% fine with the cart. I figured why not pop up onto the mare and I tied her leadrope onto her halter and hopped up.

Is Spud not the most knock-kneed thing
you have ever seen?

And yet again I was faced with an impatient, flaming dragon.

She does this every Spring.

I seriously cannot wait until the snow melts and we can actually ride. Or until, y'anno, I choose to ride in a friggen bridle like a normal person.


  1. I've ridden Red in a halter a few times. Sometimes, he's cool with it and listens great, other times, he blows me off completely. After one bad experience I vowed to only use a halter if someone was leading him or if I was in my round pen, where he listens the best.

    1. Suzie knows what the halter means - she is just totally being a brat about it, lol. Gotta love it when horses are turds!

  2. Fingers crossed for an early spring! :)

  3. Look at that little Tater Tot!!! :D

  4. Spud melts my freakin heart! I rode Apollo in a halter after he had like a month off...I feel your pain!

    1. He's the cutest little pony evarrrr.

      Hahaha. I should really know better by now.

  5. lol Suzie.... i totally relate tho, my mare has been feeling equally frisky haha

  6. Glad nothing actually bad happened!

  7. I can see that maybe a bridle and bit might be a good idea until she isn't feeling so feisty. Spud is too adorable, I just want to give him a hug. Hope your Spring comes soon.