Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TRM Blog Hop: Pet Peeves

I still don't have a "special blog hop" photo, so go
ahead and use this one... or a cute one of Spud or something.
With all the Spring-time shenanigans that have been occurring with my own horses, I figured it'd be a perfect time to compose another blog-hop. This one is a bit different, as it may not be an accurate representation of a horse you currently own. It should, however, invoke rage and make your eyes twitch with annoyance.

With that being said, this blog hop is kind of a "two for one deal"; two questions for the price of one!

Let's get started.

I'm the best horse ever - I have no bad qualities!

What is your biggest horse related pet peeve? (Try and keep this one more about the horse itself. Things like spooking at nothing, dirty stoppers, refusing to load, etc.).

For myself, I'd say that I have a *few* horse related pet peeves that would be an absolute "no-go" in a sale situation. These peeves would make my decision of "to buy or not to buy?" an easy decision to say the least. (The following annoyances aren't listed in variation - one does not outweigh the other.)

 Starting with Pet Peeve #1: Refusal to be Caught.

"See you later, asshole"
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And  I don't mean the "tee-hee-I'm-a-bit-fresh-so-I'm-going-to-run-away-for-30-seconds". I mean the serious, you CANNOT catch the fucker and you end up walking 5 miles before a ride because you're chasing the fucker all over the goddamn pasture. Spud is difficult to catch sometimes, which can be attributed to his personality (he's quite shy), but I don't mind walking around the pasture for 30 seconds - 2 minutes to catch him. It's the horses who will NOT be caught, even with the presence of food or removal of the other horses.

I don't know that I'd mind this refusal to be caught so much if the horse wasn't on a few acres of land, but it's still a pain in the ass regardless. Not something I'd want to deal with and not a horse I'd purchase, especially if this vice was talked about prior to purchase.

Pet Peeve #2: Rearing.

Because this looks like a blasty blast.
 Again, this isn't the "I'm-excited-for-a-ride" rear. This is, "I-want-to-throw-you-off-my-back-because-I-am-fucking-pissed." I have no use for a chronic rearer and I certainly wouldn't put up with a horse who reared out of anger or annoyance. It's important, however, as a rider to know when the rearing is out of frustration or uncertainty rather than anger.

Pet Peeve #3: Horse who will not ground tie.

Sit. Stay. Good horse.
 This is a HUGE deal for me. I want a horse that I can put the leadrope on the ground and it'll stand there and just be chill. This is useful when I have to get on/off a million times such as during jump schooling or on a trail ride. I know of a horse who literally takes off the second you let go of the reins and will gallop around the arena like an idiot. Just, no.

Pet Peeve #4: Refusal to Load.

You better get your ass on that trailer, pony.

This is such an aggravating thing - it actually annoys me that I need to re-teach my horses to load for my straight haul trailer. But, I will re-teach them and take the time to do it because I don't want to stand there for 45 minutes trying to load them in a rain storm. Because, no.

So there you have it - the top four pet peeves of mine that make my blood boil. Obviously, they can all be fixed, but at the same time, they annoy the CRAP out of me.


And secondly, what is your biggest equestrian related pet peeve? (This is less about the horse and more about the people in the industry. It can be anything from hating the aisleways in the barn not being swept, the wait times between classes, or even things like rollkur).

This is bliss.

I honestly don't really know what my "number one" would be but I increasingly hate how people have horses they can't even enjoy a nice hack/trail ride on. I've known tons of horses who are arena-bound permanently because they just cannot be trail ridden. Personally, I want a horse who is well-rounded and adapts to change relatively easy.

This blog hop has a lot to do with personal preference, so I won't be angry if anyone disagrees - it's what I want in my own ideal horse and that's all. Feel free to join in and input your link into the link up below! Oh, and I realize I don't have my own special "bloghop" photo, so just use a cute one of Spud or something.


  1. I was trying a horse that hit 2 and 4. After 2, still willing to work with the horse. He had potential. Then adding in 4, no thanks.

    1. Yah, no kidding. Sometimes horses with problems just add up and it's frustrating! Definitely not worth it!

  2. ooooh fun! i'll have to chew it over a little bit and think of my own answers as i suspect they will end up a bit different than yours... (for instance, my mare will not reliably ground tie. sure, usually i can leave her standing around while i move jumps... but yea, it's not reliable in the slightest). and actually the trailer loading thing is probably fixable (with varying degrees of effort) for most horses... but i bet i can come up with a couple ideas ;)

    1. In my mind, there are different degrees to how "bad" a horse is at certain behaviors. A horse that paws occasionally wouldn't bother me, whereas a horse that digs to China every time they are tied would infuriate me beyond belief! Haha. This goes for ground-tying too; I don't mind a horse that wanders, but a horse that bolts once you let go of the reins nad refuses to be caught? NO WAY.

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  4. The not loading onto a trailer is an absolute deal breaker for me. I have zero tolerance for that bullshit. I'm also not a fan of walking off from the mounting block before I'm ready to go.



    1. Right? I hate it when horses fight to be loaded.

      OH MY GOD. I thought of your story about longe-lady when I wrote Question #2.

  5. I will definitely do this Blog Hop :)

  6. I hate rearers. It's so dangerous. Just not worth doing.

  7. Hard to pick just one thing because I agree with all of your pet peeves. I believe with time and patience any horse can overcome their bad behaviors. The question is whether you have the time and patience to help them be the horse you want.

    As for people I wouldn't know where to start. How about just plain old rudeness and disregard for anyone else in the ring with you.

    1. Plain ol' rudeness is hard to argue with... lol.

  8. I am definitely doing this blog hop. So many eye twitching pet peeves!

    1. Right?! I look forward to hearing what you think!

  9. Eeek I'm glad that I haven't had much experience with rearers. Apollo has tested my patience on the hard to catch horse front - big time! :)

  10. I refuse to ride rearing. If a horse rears while I'm riding, horse is gone. Period. End of story.