Friday, January 22, 2016

Trailer Restoration: Part 5 (The Finale)

Drum roll, please!

It has taken great lengths and much patience, but the once grey behemoth of a trailer has been converted into a beautiful rose thanks to the hard-work and effort put in by my significant other. Seriously guys, I couldn't have even begun to start on this thing without his help. He truly is a life saver!

With that being said, let's quickly recap what has been done since the last posting and bring you guys up to speed on all that:

Spacing the boards and laying them down.
We chose to go with 2 inch rough cut fir. Tough as nails
and will never rot, not in this lifetime, anyways.

The floor boards were painted to protect them against
moisture and rot.
It took about two days worth of drying and after that, we placed the floorboards down. You will notice that the boards do stick up a little from the trailer frame, but I don't really mind that much. The wood is a lot thicker than what was in the trailer before.

The tack room was outfitted with sheets of soft
interlocking foam tiles (because I refuse to have my saddles
fall onto a metal floor!). The saddle rack was also
sanded down and repainted.
 The above photo shows the foam tiles we placed down in the tack room to protect my saddles should they ever fall. I think it adds a bit more class to the trailer and it was super easy to install. Just get an exacto-knife and cut where needed until it fits. The even better part about this? The floor below will NOT rust like it did before because this new floor is removable. The previous flooring in the tack-room had carpet which was sealed down and trapped a lot of moisture in. This removable floor will be convenient for when I need to wash the trailer or even when items spill.

We took a break from the trailer over the Holidays and ramped up again in the new year with the bumper pads, as one of the local sewing shops had a sale on all fabric (50% off everything store-wide!) so we took advantage of that and bought all we needed (and more) for a whooping $65. Considering the cost of the fabric was initially priced at $26/meter, it was a good buy.

The vinyl is also crack-proof and is good up to
-25 weather-wise!

The re-making of the pads was pretty simple - all they are composed of is vinyl, a thin layer of foam padding and a wood backing. The BF and I were pretty smart and had kept the old pads from the trailer to utilize as templates to ensure we wouldn't mess up the sizes and waste fabric or wood. I didn't purchase any foam for the pads because I wanted to see what shape the foam in the old pads was and go from there (spoiler alert: the foam in the old pads was pretty decent, so I saved a few extra bucks by reusing!).

Firstly, I stripped the old pads down and separated the them by pulling each and every damn staple out (this task took me nearly four hours). Once that was finished, the BF and I numbered each old pad with the corresponding wood so that we would know which "set" went together. We laid out the old squares of vinyl over the new black fabric and "drew" them all on the fabric before cutting. Each cookie cutter shape got a number which matched the pad it was from. This way, after we were done we could ensure we had cut two of each number and would know what size wood belonged on the backing.

The task of cutting the fabric, cutting the wood, and stapling it all together took no more than four hours which was great. The pads look very clean-cut, fresh, and elegant. I will say that there is a bit of an art to folding the vinyl down on the backside so the corners are neat. The BF has that art mastered, so I let him go right ahead.
One of the many pads.
So pretty.

After the pads were completed, the Boyfriend and I finished the wiring and the remainder of the electrical.
We have lights!

My friend from Calgary flew up for a visit and ended up
helping us install some lights.

So, ladies and gentlemen.... the trailer is officially finished.

So there you have it. A complete trailer restoration done primarily by the Boyfriend. I think this guy is a keeper.


  1. That guy is definitely a keeper! Beautiful job on the trailer. It looks like new! Congratulations on your ingenuity and fortitude to stick with getting it done. Now it's on to new adventures. Be safe and have fun.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments :) I am so excited to take it for a road trip, my riding itch is back in full force!!

  2. It looks SO GOOD. You guys did a great job with it!

  3. wow i am just beyond impressed - it looks incredible! awesome job!!

    1. It came out a million times better than I ever thought possible!

  4. guys did a great job!!

  5. Wow! He's a keeper for sure. The trailer looks fabulous

  6. It's beautiful! You guys did a great job!