Friday, January 15, 2016

Cold Weather = Pony Purchases

I did ride Suzie tackless last Saturday, though.
 After two weeks of having a Arctic Outflow Warning for the region (where temperatures dipped down to -23C with the windchill), it has finally been warming up enough to walk the pups outside without feeling like your face is going to fall off.

In that same breath, I've been anxious to ride my mare, but there are a few factors playing into my "no riding" mantra at the moment:
    • The outdoor arena I normally school in does not get cleared in the Winter, so it is unrideable.
    • The closest indoor facility is a 45min drive and the horse trailer still needs electrical wiring (so that's a no go).
    •  The roadways out where the horses are boarded are still slick with ice, so it would be quite unsafe to try and hack out around vehicles on a slippery road.
    • The last 5 days have seen freezing rain, so... yeah.
    Still, I am OK with waiting. The weather is still quite brisk and it makes for a pretty miserable ride - although some hand-walking may be in the horse's futures. In the midst of our cold snap I did some ordering online and the following items have just landed in my greedy hands...

    Please, for the love of all that is sacred, do not judge the weird
    bump over my crotch or the fact I am wearing mis-matched
    socks. I literally just got home from work and threw it all on.
    I finally took the plunge and got myself the show jacket I had been dreaming about since last March. At the time, it was priced way out of my budget at a staggering $270 (and some odd dollars); but I always kept a search online and when it came on sale, I snapped it up for $180. It is the Arista Modern Hunter Jacket - a much more modern jacket which features the soft-shell fabric that is all the rage on the showing circuits. Saying goodbye to my frumpy, heavy wool show jacket (that I've had for the past eight years) will be oh so easy.

    I will have to wear it around a bit more and let the fabric "mold" to me a bit more and ride in it to see if the sleeves need to be tailored, but other than that, it seems like a good fit. More to come later with a full review.

    She was NOT in the mood for posing and this
    was the best photo I got.
     At the same time, I figured I should splurge a bit on Suzie and decided to purchase her her very own leather halter with a name-plate that features her AQHA registered name. It was a decent buy, as I wanted something with a secondary overlay as I find the single strapped leather halters to look "meh". I was wanting to hold out for a beta-biothane halter like some other bloggers have, but the few places I did contact were too backed up with orders to take my business.

    The halter itself was really supple coming out of the box, but I noticed it was pretty large and hung quite low on Suzie's face. I've punched a few holes on the crown-piece (one punch on either side) so hopefully it'll change the fit and I won't have to sell it. The halter-tag is still in the mail coming from another shop, so I'll update once I get it installed (and also better photos to come!).

    I didn't realize I had ordered a fucking sleeping
    bag instead of a bridle bag.
    Lastly, for my coveted BR bridle, I purchased a bridle bag. Simple, a bit boring, but certainly a necessity - especially for a bridle of this caliber (my most expensive bridle before this one was a whooping $80).

    In a sick twist of hilarity, the bridle bag is apparently an "Extra Large". I had no idea when I ordered it and it could literally fit several Clydesdale bridles in it if necessary. Since I don't own a Clydesdale,  I could sleep in it at horse shows if I get really cold!


    1. LOVE that coat!! It looks stellar on you

    2. ooooh i love that jacket!!! nice snag!! but also, brrrrrr stay warm out there!

      1. It's warmed up a lot now, but it is still pretty miserable outside. Very foggy and icey... I'm dying for some pony time!

        And thank you for the compliments on the jacket :)

    3. Lookin good! Love that coat and the halter is gorgeous!

      1. Aw, thank you!
        Hopefully the halter fits better since I've punched holes in it.

    4. Looking fabulous in your new coat! Love your sleeping bag...errr bridle bag too :P