Monday, December 14, 2015

Trailer Restoration: Part 4 (And a mini update)

A bunch of "little" things have been done to the trailer over this past weekend, and only a few are really noticeable changes. The little "to do" list is getting shorter and shorter, which is so nice to see. I'll be relieved when this thing is finally done!

Placing the side stripping on and installing the windows!

Putting the other front window in. You can see
the stripping we laid down across the roof bars so the
roof has some extra cushion. It didn't have anything like that

So over the weekend we still managed to cross a long list of things off the "chore" list. The windows were re-installed, all the "junk" went back into the trailer, the fenders had stripping laid into them and were re-attached, the tack room doors got an extra piece of checker-plate, all the edges and whatnot got sealed with silicone and we put extra rivets into the checker-plate in the front. I still have to head out and buy some vinyl, foam, and plywood for the bumper pads (we are going to redo them).

So what's left?

- Bumper pads need to be re-cut and finished.
- Electrical needs to be completely rewired. (Hopefully by the end of this week!)
- Floor needs to go down.
- Foam stripping around edges of doors. 
- Rubberize the latches on the back of the trailer.
- Painting touch-ups to be completed.
- Fix the chains/ links. (The chains which connect the trailer to the truck don't have the best clips).

This is pre-sealing, not that you could tell the difference anyways.

The trailer has gotten pretty dirty from all the installations of windows, etc.

So, it's getting pretty close to being finished. If we really push, I'm sure we could get it done by the end of the week. Boyfriend is already thinking of switching out the fender trim for checker-plate as well, so that could be added onto the list as well.

Other than the trailer, things have been going OK. I shouldn't complain, but the need to vent is stronger than my ability to keep it all in...

Unfortunately, the car is a write off, which doesn't bode very well with me considering it technically isn't *my* vehicle. I feel pretty awful for the Boy and right now we are down to one vehicle... I suppose it could be worse, though. But it's been a pretty crappy last few weeks as I came to find my remaining rat, Rattitina, lifeless at the bottom of her cage last Tuesday. And then lastnight found a slow-leak in my winter tire from picking up a nail. Oh, and work announced everyone is getting a 9% pay deduction. So yah... things aren't so awesome right now.

But I did manage to get some pony time on Sunday afternoon with the red-mare and it made me happy.

We just toodled out bareback with a friend and it was nice... she was a bit spooky but nothing really crazy. I have to remind myself to take these kinds of breathers - it's good for my mental health.


  1. Sorry about all the sucky stuff. At least your trailer is looking amazing.

  2. Ugh, I hate when all the little stuff piles up all at once. Hoping things look up for you soon!

    1. That is for certain. Upwards and onwards, right?!

  3. Sorry about the bad luck, thank goodness for pony mental health days!

  4. it sounds like a hard week but the trailer looks fabulous and pony time is always good.

    1. It's been a very frustrating week, but onwards and upwards!

  5. oh no, i'm so sorry about Rattatina! :( and a 9% deduction? that is *steep* ugh. the trailer looks truly beautiful tho - wishing you the best of luck with everything else!

    1. Thank you for your kind words <3 It's been a bit of a struggle, but we will power through!!

  6. I wanna see the final before vs after pics!!