Saturday, December 19, 2015

Snapshot Saturday

I apologize for the infrequent posting - I literally have nothing interesting to blog about, but now that I have two weeks for Christmas-break, I hope to have some well-needed (and deserved!) pony time. As a commemoration of my Christmas-break holiday, and so that my regular readers know I haven't died, I've decided to share a few photos!


Hopefully my camera will be getting some regular use - I can't remember the last time I snapped some nice photos of my critters!

The mare - Ruler of the Roost!

Spud - the little shit who got out AGAIN this past
Wednesday. Thankfully with the snow, I was able to see
his tracks and block him from getting out again. But srsly horse.

Ty - the handsome 11 year old :)

The Odd Couple - similar photo to the one I took last year.

I did family photos for some friends on this road
last Sunday.


  1. It's busy time of year for sure. Enjoy your vacation. The photos are lovely.

  2. Love the photos! You have a lot of snow already the last on looks like a postcard. Have a great Christmas!

  3. i *love* that pic of Suzie! and Spud.... what a little hellion ;)