Tuesday, December 8, 2015

One Year of Spud

As most of you guys know, Spud came home officially on November 29th, 2014. I have been meaning to make this post for a while, but things have gone to the way-side and I will make up for it by posting hilariously cute and some rare and unseen candid Spud-isms!

I was tagged in his ad by his future driving trainer (she was helping me look for a miniature):

Spud's ad photos.

And nearly a week later, I bought him and he was sent, sight unseen to a trainer I had never met. Apparently I'm super smart when it comes to this horse buying thing.

But I'm glad I took a chance. He's turned out to be a pretty radical little dude.

His first night home, he laid down and started eating his food
like this. No, he wasn't colicking. I think he was just tired from
the long journey.

Suzie and her minion, Winter 2014.

Taking my 90 year old Grandma for a spin. She was so excited
and kept giving me pointers on how to drive him properly. LOL

Trotting down the road, amidst several dogs.

One of our first drives, back in December 2014.

Showing how broke he is.

Added the nephew briefly.

Our very first drive, November 30th.

That time we let him in the house.

Hanging out in the snow.

Snowmageddon, February 2015.

First drive away from home and in an indoor arena.

Spring is in the air!

Our first clinic, July 2015.

Looking pretty trim and fresh.

Coal-miners pony.

Making friends.

This is how we trail ride.

Matching game on point.

In the midst of a heat wave.

Showing off his extended trot.

That tail!

Another afternoon drive.

BMFF (Best Man Friend Forever) and Roxy.

Halloween 2015.

Tackling random obstacles on a hand-drive.

Winter 2015.

Announcement that went out a year ago on November 29th.

Festival of Lights

On to more exciting adventures and more memories.

Here's to many more years together.


  1. awww happy one year to Spud!!! i think my favorite memory of him is that video you posted of him swimming across the stream lol

    1. Heheheh - I plan to do much more of that next year!

  2. Love, love, love all of these! You really lucked out with him!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day to Spud. he's too adorable for words

  4. He's so cute! Happy mini-pony-versary