Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For Your Consideration: ARN

As horse people, we love sharing and exchanging ideas, pictures, stories, etc and even more than that, we love the ease of doing so on social media. Blogging is an outlet that allows people to share their journey, mark successes and failures, as well as be honest with the added convenience of a "anonymous" handle.

Blogging is therapeutic to me.
 I, for one, do not share my blogging with anyone in my "inner circle" and prefer to keep it that way. The blog is more for me and a documentation of my time with my horses rather than an open forum - it isn't a secret and it isn't that I am "afraid" of having people read what I write... it's just that this is for me and my horses. That's it... I do appreciate those who do comment/read, as well as those who offer support in times of hardships and trouble. There isn't much anonymity in my blog, as I'm sure anyone could really find me if they truly looked, but it's nice that there isn't a preconceived notion of who I am or what I am like.

With that being said, sometimes it is fun and awesome to share things on social media - especially quickly and conveniently. Horse forums can be fun, but often evokes a mob mentality and more often that not, the real questions are left unanswered.

A friend and myself have developed a Facebook group which is privy to Adult Riders - moreso Amateurs and their horses. It is meant to be a fun and safe place to share photos, critical life events, and to ask questions without fear of being bashed.

If you are interested in partaking in the fun, please feel free to join myself and over 450 other members who share the same passion and the same ideas when it comes to an open forum.

And if you do have any questions/concerns, please drop me a line and I can try and find a resolution.

Our regularly scheduled blogging program will commence soon!