Monday, October 5, 2015

Where Have My Goals Gone?

Suzie says, "Blllllaaaarrrrgggg on all the goals."
 This post reflects in the little bit of irony in which I have totally sailed off course of my intended goals for this year. In some ways, I feel as though it's failure on my part, and in other aspects I realize that my aspirations and thoughts have drastically changed within the last few months.

I realize that most bloggers are either Hunters, Eventers, or Dressage-Queens, but I don't really fit in that mold. I don't have a single discipline I gravitate towards and because of this, I am all over the place. One month my goals were all about Reining and the next I was all about Hunter-land.

We do all the things.
It brings me to the realization that while I had great plans (ie. breaking Spud or completing a Reining pattern bridleless), I didn't account for the fact we would have the opportunity to do so many other awesome things. So while a majority of things I wrote down just "didn't get done" or weren't even on my radar, I have to be proud of the things we did achieve.

I've been hemming and hawing over the fact I haven't been updating regular monthly goal posts since July, but I don't necessarily feel as though I need to make concrete plans anymore. With work being in construction and the fact that show season has been more or less over since the beginning of September, I haven't had the need to make any plans.

My biggest goals are to always keep my horses happy and healthy - it has always been a priority. But beyond that, what are some things I am proud of that we accomplished this year?

1. Spud was easy-peasy to teach to lunge, pony off of Suzie, and he understood the concept of being loose during a trail ride (ie. following).

2. I showed Suzie more than I had even dreamed and we even went to the "big" show that I was avoiding!

3. I was able to take real lessons this year with BOTH horses. And BOTH made improvements!

4. Suzie placed in the Hunter classes even though we hadn't jumped for two years.

5. Suzie and I nailed the fast/slow circles in competition for accuracy and speed!

6. Cantering Spud in harness!

7. Finally figuring out Suzie's weight loss issues and rectifying the problem.

8. Turning Spud into a show pony; bathing, clippers, etc. He is still a bit spooky with bathing but is fantastic with the clippers.

9. Competed in my first ever AQHA show and got points!

10. New tack - harness, saddle, etc.

And on an unrelated note, Suzie and I made the paper. Bow to us, we're famous:


  1. There's a lot to be proud of this year :) That's so cool you were in the paper!

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      Sometimes it feels like we are going nowhere fast... it's good to remember the good things we did accomplish.

  2. Being in the paper is awesome. I'm with you though. I'm spread across too many disciplines to focus on just one. But I want to have a multi-disciplinary mule more than I want success in any one particular sport. Keep doing what makes you happy. You had lots of cool achievements this year.

    1. I haven't been in the newspaper since I was like... four. Ha!

      And yes, I fancy multi-discipline horses. The horse community around me is pretty small compared to most places and in order to have fun and get out lots, you HAVE to have a multi-disciplinary horse!

  3. Suzie is kind of a big deal.

  4. Um, I would say you have made all kinds of awesome accomplishments! It has been a pretty successful year for you and your ponies.

    1. Thanks <3

      It doesn't feel like it some days!

  5. woot so famous!! goal setting is definitely hard for those exact reasons, and can sometimes even be too restrictive. your philosophy about doing what seems fun and interesting for you and your horses is definitely working out tho!

    1. I liked your idea of the "quarter" goals. I'll have to implement that next year, maybe!

  6. Having fun with healthy and happy horses is really what it's all about!