Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Operation Trailer Restoration: Part 1

The work on the trailer has begun and so far, so good. It isn't taking very much time - so far it seems like it'll be finished in no time (ha ha ha, keep dreaming) but I know the hard stuff is yet to come. There is a list of modifications and upgrades we want to make, and it'll all take time. To end my mindless blabbering, behold:

The trailer in all it's glory - grey and ugly. I've already removed the mats at this point and pressure
washed it after these photos were taken. One thing that makes me laugh is all the doors straight haul
trailers have - this one has ELEVEN doors. How?!

A view of the inside - it doesn't look like much, I'll admit. The drivers side tail-light is busted
and needs fixing. Some of the pads need some fixing up, too. You can't really see it either but the driver's side
slot, where a horse would go, one of the previous owners horses must've leaned right into it and bent the door.
So we'll be straightening that out too. This photo was also before I pressure-washed it.

 The driver's side saddle compartment - both sides are similar. Unfortunately, the carpet held in
A LOT of moisture (which you will see later in the photos).
The saddle racks also slide forwards which is neat-o.

This shows some of the 'rotting' in the front part (where the horses hay would go).
This will have to be replaced. Also prior to power-washing.

 Another "before" photo. You can see some of the rot on the wood (see front pieces).
This made me uneeasy, so I wanted to replace it before putting
my horses in there.  This is pre-pressure washing again.

And now it looks like this (I apologize for the screenshots, I only took photos for my Snapchat and forgot to take photos for my blog, lol):

Carpet has been ripped up. You can see how much rust there is just from
the moisture from the carpet. Saddle racks have also been stripped of the
padding as well. Doors were left open to help it dry out a bit.

Floor has been removed completely - it actually scares me how horses are just standing on
tiny little crossbraces. It wasn't too bad of flooring - mostly the very tops of the boards were
starting to rot... so not safe.

Most of the pads were easily removed - the front two are actually
screwed in and need a special screwdriver thing.

And lastnight we took the trailer to the shop. Today after work I'll be prepping it to get sand-blasted. Need to remove the fenders, spare tire, lights, etc and tape up the windows and whatnot. After that, we will have to weld some things and then prime it. Electrical work will be after that (mice chewed thru the electrical) and then painting, new floors and reinstalling the pads!

I can't wait to see what it'll look like afterwards!!


  1. there is always a project on the go when you have horses. That trailer looks basically solid and functional. What more do you need?

    1. That's exactly it. It's functional and solid - just needs some upgrades :)

  2. I'm in the middle of trailer restoration too. Yours is younger and in better shape than mine!

    1. You'll have to post before/after pictures!!!

  3. I find it terrifying how a trailer can look decent (not great, but not horrible) until you pull things up and then you're horrified by the rust and rot and broken wiring. I was so scared to buy a used trailer because of all the potential problems.

    1. For sure! You never know what is "hiding" underneath everything!!

  4. wow you're gonna have a mighty nice trailer by the time it's all said and done!

  5. It's a lot of work but you and the horses are going to appreciate it when it's all done. I think it's going to look like a brand new trailer!