Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday, Ty

On December 16th, 2004 I met "my dog" for the very first time. He came through the door as a scraggly, pot-bellied puppy with an infinite obsession of chewing leashes (including a very expensive one, I might add!). He was my family's first dog and our first foray into puppy-ownership 101.

We certainly have had our challenges, but more than that we've had so many memories made.
He is an overly intelligent dog which made him a difficult "first" dog for a teenager, truthfully. But both of us prevailed and he is now my "go to" dog for just about anything. He accompanies me on nearly every horse-ride I go on and is never far behind.

Puppyhood, 2004.

Sleepy Ty <3

Waiting for a walk, 2010.

Being goofy, 2011.

Winter, 2011.

Dog-walk, 2010.


2010 with Cinder

Taking it back to 2008, I believe.

Circa 2007

Winter of 2008

Summer of 2008

Playing in the Fall leaves, 2008.

Camping at the lake, 2009.

And with that being said, he is more than just a dog to me; he is a representation of my growth, and my journey into adulthood. He stood proudly at my side as a gawky, shy teenager and has seen me go through many career choices, schooling and financial woes without so much as a negative look. He is my confidante and my "baby". I know that things have changed, especially over the last few years, but I will always love him like I did the day he walked through the door on December 16th.

My High School graduation, 2009.

Shopping at Greenhawk, 2009.

Meeting my sister's puppy, Cinder.

Lola and Ty.

His favorite window spot in my parent's old house.

By the river on a cold, wet day.

Fetching toys.

Being pretty damn regal in 2010.

Thanksgiving photoshoot in October, 2012.

Howling like a wolf, 2012.

His 9th Birthday party, 2013.

Running on the frozen river, 2014.

Cuddled up in a blanket, 2015.
Being goofy, 2015.


Cheesin' it, 2015.

I know there will never be another dog like him, and I wouldn't want there to be.

He is fiercely loyal, humble, and above all, my best friend.

Happy 11th Birthday, Ty 
And may there be many more.


  1. Beautiful dog! Happy birthday to him :)

  2. aww happy bday Ty!!! and many happy returns :D

  3. What a very cool friend to have. Happy birthday handsome!

  4. What a handsome guy! Is he full Shepherd?

    1. Thanks, Carly :) And no, he isn't a full Shepherd. He's actually a Shepherd/ Husky/ Collie mix.