Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Favorite Blankets Ever - A Comprehensive Review

Design is "Avalon"
Having just bought my second blanket from Pleasant Ridge Saddlery, I feel compelled to write a full review on my experience with the Canadian Horsewear Co. blankets. So let's get down to buisness.

The blankets feature a 1200 denier rip-stop, which is fabulous considering most blankets that are 600 denier and below will not last a full season. And each has a waterproof and breathable DuPont coating so adding a protective coating over it (like Scotchgaurd) isn't necessary - I have literally watched the water roll off the material and the blanket has never gotten heavy or wet.

Double buckled front to allow one size up, and one size down.
The blankets feature a double-buckled front (which I love!) that allows the blanket to fit one size up AND down from the marked size. So no matter what, you have that perfect fit!

All of the yearly blankets have three options to choose from - a Standard Rainsheet with a 210 nylon lining, a Mid-weight Turnout (160gram fill w/ 210 nylon lining), or a Heavy-Weight turn out (300gram fill w/ 210 nylon lining). I own both a Mid-weight and a Heavy-Weight.

Regular shoulder gusset's on a
different brand.
Extra-long shoulder gusset for comfort.

Most of their blankets (especially the newer options) feature extra high shoulder gusset which allows more freedom of movement and allow the higher neck coverage to work adequately. The high neck also prevents that build up of rain from dripping down onto the horse's chest or into the blanket (I find this a lot with other blankets).

Suzie has quite prominent withers and I find that these blankets are the only ones that fit properly, as the standard neck blanket's catch on her wither and tighten around that area, despite having gaping room at the chest.

The HW blanket from two years ago.
There is quite a bit of new-age design and thought going into these blankets, including a little fabric tab that covers the belly-straps. It's kind of an ingenious design, especially for horses who tend to undo their belly-straps on occasion. The only downfall is that the belly straps are fixed on the off-side - meaning if they break, you will need to stitch-rip and replace the entire strap.

 It could potentially be a deal-breaker for some, but my horse isn't hard on her blankets to begin with and the Heavy-Weight I've had for the past 2 years has shown little to no wear. I was comfortable purchasing a blanket that did not have fully removable belly-straps. And on this note, the elastic leg-straps have double snaps instead of the typical "knotted end". Very handy and I'm certain if they upgraded their belly-straps to this type of a design, it'd be a 110% flawless design.

The inside features a neat design, as well as double snaps on the
elastic leg straps.
Beyond this, the customer service from PRS was excellent. The price of the blanket and shipping was super reasonable, the package arrived fast, and it was exactly what I ordered. There are plenty of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from and it truly doesn't stop there. Each year, PRS puts out a "new round" of designs and colors so there is always an upgrade to these blankets.

My only real "beef" is I wish they also made them in "mini size" because I'd totally love for Spud to have one of them. In my dreams, right?


  1. Looks like a really nice blanket with great colors! Love that last photo of the two of them. I've been thinking about getting a new blanket for my horse this winter and have been looking at a few different brands - thanks for the review.

    1. They have all kinds of designs and whatnot :)
      You are so welcome!

  2. I've been looking for a winter blanket. Thanks for this.

    1. You are so welcome :) Hope it helped you narrow down some choices.

  3. i love that my mare isn't very hard on blankets either... definitely keeps things easier!

  4. I've had great luck with these ones too. our local tack shop carries them and they must be popular, because I always end up with the last one!