Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Recap/ July Goals

Wow, half the year is gone already. Wasn't it just January?

Regardless, I did get quite a bit accomplished with both horses for the month of June. The Driving Clinic was a complete success and the lessons I took on Suzie (recaps coming!) were just fantastic. I feel like we are putting one foot forwards now, which is an exhilarating feeling. Upwards and onwards, right?

Spoiler photo: Day 2 lesson.
Working on some spinning.
June Recap- Suzie

  • Work to get her back into shape - suppleness, bend, trail riding, etc. It is a slow process, but I think we are getting there. Suppleness is very hard to achieve with an older horse and part of the process is being patient.
  •  Piece together more spins.We've toodled a bit with this, but I didn't put much effort into it until we went and did a few lessons.
  • Get better control of the haunches. We worked on this a bit and it is getting better - just have to do more of it now. Also got some good exercises from the lessons.
  • Get better down transitions - continue to work on the halt. The halt isn't where I'd like it to be just yet, but the down transitions are getting better.
  • Piece together her lope a bit more.  This is a HUGE accomplishment for us this month. Her left lead lope is really coming together - very happy with her on this. It especially came together in the lessons - wahoo!
From Lesson #1. We have the "stretch there". Just need to collect it up a bit,
but she is balanced quite well.
July Goals - Suzie
  •  Try and trail ride more - work on jogging and loping on the trails with other horses.
  • Utilize the exercises from the lessons in June/July. Ride a "square", spiraling circles, and practice simplified reining patterns.
  • Start to work on extending and collecting the jog and lope.
  • Pin down the halt - clear cut and concise. 
  • Start to get better spins to the left. Her right is better.
  • Get more lessons if possible (clinician may not be coming back up to the area until August).

Such a fancy pony.
 June Recap - Spud 

  • Attend a Driving Clinic and get some good instruction, have a good time, and hopefully Spud can show off what he's capable of! We went, we saw, we learned, AND we had a good time!
  •  Drive him in the Fairgrounds arena or meadow. I didn't drive him at the local Fairgrounds, but I did drive him in town and also at the Smithers Fairgrounds. So that counts, right?
  •  Work on cantering in harness. We touched on this a bit, but won't be pressing on it for a while.
  •  Work on turning (thru cones if possible). Hell ya. A lot of the clinic focused on turning - and we even used cones!

This chunk is also an escape artist... sigh.

July Goals - Spud

  • Get him in better shape. He is getting a bit fluffy and I don't want to go through issues with founder or otherwise.
  • Put a rider on him (I may have found a small child that is willing to be my test subject, haha)!
  • Continue to drive him and try to set up a date to go out and drive with other driving horses.


  1. Sound like a very productive month for both horses! Can't wait to read about the lesson!

    1. It didn't seem like I did much, but I guess I did a fair bit!