Monday, July 13, 2015

I Fell Off the Wagon

Admittedly, I fell off the blogging wagon and sort of disappeared for the last ten days. Eep! Sorry about that. In an effort to get back up to speed, know that nothing really interesting has been happening since British Columbia was the target of a massive heat-wave and myself and the horses were miserable throughout it all.

So, lots of time was spent at the river and lake with the dogs, sitting in front of the mobile fans, and hosing off the horses in an effort to keep them cool. Temperatures peaked around 34C (that's 93F for you American folk) and while it may not seem hot, it was absolutely excruciating since we are not used to weather like that. Plus, our house does not have A/C in it so the temperature inside hovered around 23C all night long. Ew.

And since BC hasn't had a rainfall in forever, wild-fires cropped up all over the province. People have been evacuated left, right, and center and homes have been lost. It's disastrous and I am thankful that the fires that have cropped up in my hometown have been quite small and easily contained. Hopefully now that the weather has shifted and most of BC is cooling down and rainfall has started the fires will level off.

I do have an interesting story to recount with you guys about swimming with Suzie, but it will take some time to type out and sort my thoughts on. Stay tuned. But for now, enjoy some photos from the last ten days or so.

A friend and I went hiking on Saturday when the weather started to cool off.

So ya... there is my boring life.


  1. glad you guys are doing well in all that intense heat! it's really been a crazy weather year for you, huh? anyways, i love all the pics!

    and also - since you asked on a post of mine a while back about Kaitlyn and Tillie from the HGS forums, thought i'd let you know that she's blogging now at :

    1. It has been absolutely ODD this year! Unfortunately, a lot of the hay crops have suffered during our weird drought and everyone is scrambling to get their Winter hay. Thankfully, I found a supplier and while it isn't the nicest hay, it'll do for the Winter months.

      Thank you for the link and remembering how I creepily stalked you! LOL. I will follow her ASAP :)

  2. Oh I miss it there! Such a beautiful part of the world. Our wildfires here are getting contained, thanks to all the rain this weekend!