Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Week That Was

I've been a bad blogger, yet again. I honestly don't know how you guys find the time to work, ride, and blog because I just never have enough time in the day! Granted, I know a lot of my readers board their horses so that takes off a considerable amount of work in itself (lucky!).

To recap the previous week it should be noted that it was chock full of horsey-fun - I pretty much rode or drove every single day and enjoyed my horses (hence the lack of media and radio silence).

Mare was on point for our Monday mid-day ride.
With things getting busier at the lot, my nephews and sister moving away, and a horse clinic on the weekend, it was a very fast-paced, action packed week. I didn't really mind it though, since the weather stayed semi-decent and we managed to still get a lot done.

Monday was jam-packed with pony-ness (is that a word?). I rode Suzie in the front pasture for about 20-30 minutes or so. I noticed her lope was coming together much better and she seemed to have better balance, but she was also very hot to trot. Any kind of leg aid sent her into a "OMG LETS GO" mindset and although she was hot, she was still quite rideable. I finished up with a quick lope on the right lead when my sister, nephews, and mom showed up for a pony ride.

Shiny mare and her little minion.
He loves his pony.
 I quickly hauled Suzie's western saddle off and popped the little tyke saddle on in it's place. Calder climbed aboard with gusto and we walked down to the river where my nephew showed off some of his skills (ie. riding with no hands, reaching up for a branch, clucking at Suzie to go faster, etc). It was super cute and I wish they were sticking around so he could ride more, but I understand the reason for the move (jobs). The pony ride ended with Calder in tears because he had to say "bye bye" to 'his' pony.

Roxy helped me drive the 4-wheeler over to the lot.
Tuesday/Wednesday were collectively spent at the lot where we busted our butts for the better part of the day. We moved quite a bit of logs and fell more trees - it will never not be super cool to watch a tree come crashing down!

Later that afternoon we got the human trailer all outfitted and ready when Jamie could hear a distinctive buzzing sound coming from the wall by the fridge in the trailer. Upon closer inspection it was found there were BEES in the wall. They had somehow managed to get in one of the vents that filters air from the trailer to the outside and had started to build themselves a nice little colony in the wall. Unfortunately, we do not have exterminators in the area or any way of getting them (and us!) out safely so we had to make a very hard decision and poison them.... I still feel awful about it, considering bees are declining at a rapid rate around the world and we just killed a bunch for living in the trailer walls. Other than condemning the trailer (which we wouldn't do), there were no options. Sorry, bees.

On Wednesday night we picked up the horse trailer from my old coach since we were borrowing it for the Driving Clinic on Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday. I spent my evening packing for our trip in lieu of riding, which sucked but was necessary.

Excuse me, would you like to talk about our savior, Seabiscuit?
Thursday came around and my help wasn't required at the lot so I decided to hitch up the trailer and bring Spud into town to surprise my Nephews and Grandma [she lives down the street from them]. I hitched him up in a church parking lot just down the street from my G-mas house and drove Spud across the cross-walk to see my nephews (who were both napping). I took my Mom, who had never met Spud previously, for a jaunt around and then stopped in at my G-mas.

Spud was all "Alright, ladies, settle down."
 Grandma was so very, very excited and whooped and hollered a few times with sheer joy as Spud jogged quietly beneath us. He was a complete pleasure to handle and even when my nephews went along for a ride he was so well behaved and took things like a champ. I had a few vehicles slow down and stare at us like Spud was some kind of novelty, while a few waved and gave me the "thumbs up".

Spud-man loaded quietly back into the trailer and Suzie was quite happy to see him again. After feeding them and checking their water tank I scooped manure and then finished packing the last items into the trailer before our clinic.

I apologize for the word vomit/ texty post and promise that a clinic re-cap is to follow!


  1. Sounds like a busy week but a good one. The little guy is adorable on Suzie. And it does look like Grandma had a great time. Good boy Spud.

    1. It certainly was a busy week, that's for sure! haha.

  2. Suzie just looks so good right now! and i will never get tired of seeing pics of cute clipped and braided Spud lol. can't wait to read about the clinic (which i will be clicking over to right now haha)!

    1. Thanks - I think she looks pretty good too :)

      And Spud is pretty cute!

  3. Every I see Spud my brain says "AWWWWW". I could never ever discipline him haha

    1. When he looks at you with a stink eye it's pretty easy, LOL.

  4. Suzie girl makes a wonderful little kid's horse! And Spud, sometimes I just can't even with his little outfit.

    1. She takes good care of her little minion rider!